About Me!!

Hello, my name is Skye McAdams!

Herroooo :3
Through writing an 'About Me' section, I am fully committing to this blogging relationship. This is somewhat equivalent to getting a joint bank account with your partner. But what would I know - I'm too emotionally unstable to have that kinda commitment with a guy!

I feel as if I should tell you my past achievements, my likes/dislikes and my ambitions for the future, but I realised that this isn't blind date, so I'm gonna take off this dress, put some jeggings on and watch Come Dine With Me repeats. Yes, I truly live the thuglife.

I will tell you this though, I am eternally grateful for your views. Without sounding like a stalker, I know when someone views my posts, so I'll know if you came here - don't worry, just the country! If you do happen to stumble over here, like a drunken gazelle, thanks, and I hope you enjoy my blog on a whole. I started this blog because I wanted to voice my quirky views. I haven't changed the world, nor have I tried to, but I am having fun; hopefully you will too.

My blog is centred around the complains of a daily life, hence the URL and title. Albeit, I don't constantly moan, and dare I say it, I express happiness, I know that life is full of complains. So if you come here, hopefully I can emit sunshine into your gloomy day. I also talk about other daily things, like music, love, and then just the weird. We like weird.

Toodles :)