Friday, 1 January 2016

Welcome To 2016!

Happy New Year, Schneckens!
I am back and I drunk way too much last night, but hey, screw it - it's a new fucking year!!

First of all, this is what I look like now... Brace yourselves, it's a change:

< - - - Yep, that's me. Okay, perhaps not the greatest picture, but I am remarkably different. The main change is that my hair is no longer past my breasts! I cut it. Well, I paid a hairdresser to cut it, but yes, the long blonde hair is gone and I have opted for a shoulder length bob. A wavy one.

I am also really glammed up in this picture, although it was a special occasion. I took this on Christmas Day and I was wrapped in my new penguin blanket, so I looked like a fabulous diva! But that makeup though, skills or what! I have clearly been practicing since the last time we spoke!

So that's what I look like physically. Just in case you think I am bullshitting about my new look, here is some further evidence that I did in fact take the plunge:

I think we can all agree that my hair is short now. I am only making a big  deal out of this because it's HUGE! I mean, a Trichster cutting her hair after 2 years being pull free and not getting hair cuts? It's a massive moment for me and Trichsters everywhere! Or maybe I am still a little drunk from last night, who knows!

For me, this was a symbolic moment as I felt like I was cutting off those extra stresses and worries that I had carried for a long time. It's such a cliché thing to say, but it's true. When that hair came off, it cemented how free I actually was..

Freedom. That word has been ringing in my ear since the 19th October. The real reason I haven't been on here isn't just because of my work schedule and University. I was abused. I was emotionally abused by someone I had loved and cared about deeply, foolishly thinking he felt the same way for me too. He didn't. He manipulated me and my mental health, overall making me feel like an awful person. There was only one thing stopping my recovery and it was him and everything about him.

Alas, freedom and fresh starts. Tomorrow I'll give you a rundown on how the blog will work now and what I aim for this year. Now I'm gonna watch Sherlock!

Toodles :)