Sunday, 27 September 2015

University Day 7: Wetherspoon's Lunch Date In Greenwich

Hey there, Schneckens!
So this is my first weekend at University and marks my first week of being here. It's also my first weekend, in a long time, away from home and I feel great! Like, I feel Tony the Tiger 'greeeeeeat'. Man, I miss that tiger. Maybe I should by some Frosties. Or nah. Definitely the nah.

Yes, yesterday the weather was rather pleasant and that only meant one thing: Spoons. Raise your hands if you love Spoons? Who doesn't? Cheap food, cheap alcohol, friendly atmosphere - what's not to love?! Well In Eltham, turns out the Spoons there is the world's smallest Wetherspoon because it was so tiny, no upstairs, that we walked in and walked out again. They should hastily remove the 'J.D. Wethespoon' from their licence and just stick to a local because I hardly think many can fit a series of plates and glasses in that place!

By 'we' I of course mean Tanaka! After weeks apart, we were finally united in the most glorious fashion. We went to Greenwich and thoroughly enjoyed our gourmet burger and hot dog. I even ordered extra onion rings - but that's probably because traffic was so hideous that we arrived in Greenwich gone 2pm and we were so damn hungry! We even had a dessert - chocolate fudge cake and cheesecake; Tanaka lovingly shared her ice cream with me because my cheesecake looked so lonely on its own. I probably wouldn't order the cheesecake again because of that and the flavour itself didn't sit nicely on my tongue. But that could've been the Kopperburg..

After that, we went into a retro clothes/record shop and it was like paradise for us! I found a beautiful white lace dress that could seriously be my wedding dress. Is it weird to already decide on a wedding dress when I am nowhere near the state of marriage yet? Maybe. I then treated Tanaka to the Market, which she described as vintage, so win win there and then we went into a health shop because she really likes her vitamins.

We spent a good while in there just looking at natural brands, like natural nappies and tampons... Okay...? This was before we headed off to Eltham so I could show her my campus and my flat. It felt so nice to be able to share this experience with her as she's never seen the places here before, My flat may be quaint, but it is so cute and very welcoming. I gave her some stuff to get her settled, like pictures (maybe too many of me,,, haha!) and she has enough Greenwich merch now to start a war in her Westminster University!

Then of course, all good days must reach and end and once I dropped her off at the bus stop, I went back to mine, ate something small and quickly dozed off. A great day indeed.

Toodles :)

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