Friday, 25 September 2015

University Day 6: My Induction

Hey, Schneckens!
So I have a glass of wine right now and I am with Bub, just lovingly gazing at my basil plant. Yes, I shit you not, I have a basil plant. See:

Crazy, I know. I am too emotionally unstable to be left with one of these, but I am sure I can take great care of Keith the Basil plant. Jeez, I am a crazy!

Anyhow, today I went to my Drama induction and to the surprise of no one, except myself, I was really cheerful. Like, I was channeling my Santa Claus on Prozac, getting laid, at Disneyland - yes, I was THAT cheerful. I was a bit pissed with the bus services though because our free bus is meant to leave at 15 minutes pass the hour and this one was there before 9 and left at 9.. Erm, excuse me? I got out 15 minutes early to get there in time for what is meant to be a quarter past bus. So I missed it because it was full and I had to get public transportation and due to traffic on buses, I got a train and DLR, setting me back a few pounds. Eurgh, nonetheless, I got there on time to my surprise and I am rather looking forward to my courses. I may feel nervous on the day, but I am doing well so far!

Apart from that though, it's been a tame day. Went to a coffee morning and helped myself to a few cupcakes, which were delicious. Then I went shopping. I bought a ton of baking stuff to start my erotic bakery. My aim is to test flavour combinations on Sunday and late November/Early December have my first ever dick cake ready for premiere. If it is a success, I might start to advertise? Who knows, I'm young and free and able to experiment with these insane ideas before I need to calm down and get my shit together. And with that, I am off to have a sip of my wine and watch Big Brother.


Toodles :)

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