Wednesday, 23 September 2015

University Day 3: Fresher Fairs//Lattitude

Yo, Schneckens!
I was too tired last night, so let's just blame the overpriced Kopperburg I had last night, plus the other drinks I had downed whilst in the student union bar: Lattitude. But more in that in a minute or so.

The day commenced with me getting up reasonably early thinking I had some enrollment thing, but alas, that was a mistake on my timetable - so guess who went all the way to Greenwich and paying £1.50 bus fare for no reason? ME. Yes, it's always me. However, it wasn't entirely wasted because I had met up with Beth, who had bought me a hot chocolate in Starbucks and we went to Greenwich Market and I picked up this little guy:

Meet Louis the Penguin :D
It also rained pretty badly yesterday, so I had to buy an umbrella, along with other things I didn't really need - like a bag; tights; leggings. Okay, maybe I did need these.. Onto Freshers Fair though! I went on my own for this one because I really wanted to experience it and get into it, I figured since Thursday I'll be going with Beth, I would be reigned in so I wouldn't be too weird. So I used this day, not to be weird, but to join things that really spoke to me. Here's a list of things I joined, if I can remember them of course:
  • Psychedelic Society - discuss drugs (the vegan brownies won me over)
  • Politics Society - hey, this woman is doing a campaign remember!
  • Radio Society - I learned enough from my short time with Ruby, but hopefully it won't be too centered on that one presenter if it's a team collab.
  • Copp-A-Feel Society - #feelyourpuppies
And that's what I can remember, there will surely be more on Thursday, so fear not! I also signed up to many other things and I got a free plant and offered a Chlamydia test. I am clean still folks. I enjoyed this fair and I had so much cake to enjoy!

Let's bounce to the evening and I went all the way to Bar Lattitude for a comedy night. I went for the first, which obviously explains the lack of pictures. I did get a wrist band though, so that confirms I legitimately went. I may not have lasted the whole time because of nerves, but I did get a free drink because the bartender liked me and afterwards I went to McDonald's and enjoyed some nuggets. I also bought some drink in the student shop because my Pepsi Max froze in my fridge and then exploded dramatically. Eek.

Toodles :)