Monday, 21 September 2015

University Day 2: Not So Sleeping Beauty

Hello, Schneckens!
So everything has started off well, much to my surprise. I was expecting to be drunker than a skunk by now. Alas, instead I have started a CBT Course, which will allow me to use CBT techniques on those who need it and provide me with better care towards myself and my thought process. What a contrast to last year! I might have a drink to celebrate that! Or not, it's Monday, who drinks on a Monday? Well loads of people apparently.

Today was weird, but in the nicest way possible. I found out I have another flatmate! Woohoo? Not quite. She and her friend knocked on my door this morning to ask if I would switch flats.. Erm, no. No, no, no. I am content here and I am not going up the top of a building. Don't even know their names and she didn't even ask mine. Granted, their international students, but still. Nonetheless, my other flatmate seems nice and we've spoken briefly on many accounts today. I am not too good at this talking thing, but we've only just met and I probably shouldn't run before I can walk because I will most likely trip off the piss poor balcony. I'll get a picture tomorrow of it because it is not a balcony.

I didn't sleep too well though, but I guess that's to be expected since it's a new place. I don't think a lot of people did, especially my friends. In fact, I ended up speaking to my dearest Pixie and like every conversation with him, it turned into a cute overload because he spammed my phone with corgis. This is why I love him. Well that and he can be a nice guy most of the time. Tanaka also was up late, but I'll put that down to nerves. She started her induction course today and from our last message, she seemed to think it went okay, so I am obviously a proud sister. So proud in fact I'm going to have a drink because I am thirsty.

Speaking of thirsty, there was a cute maintenance guy. Thank you, just thank you!

Toodles :)

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