Wednesday, 30 September 2015

University Days 9, 10 & 11: Huge Mental Health Progress//ReThink Mental Illness

Hello, Schneckens!
My adventures at University have begun properly and I started my first lectures on Tuesday, so yesterday! So much to tell you, so let's get cracking.

I attended ReThink Mental Illness' headquarters to do some filming for their official website to discuss my petition and how to get other people campaigning. It was a truly wonderful experience and a privilege to be involved and meet fellow activists. The views were stunning and the free lunch totally won me over. M&S sandwiches are a complete winner!!



I need to lie down.

Toodles :)

Sunday, 27 September 2015

University Day 8: Mental Health Reflection

Hi there, Schneckens!
Today marks my first week at University and I am feeling really good about that. Sure, things might change as the course starts and stuff gets more stressful, but I am genuinely feeling more positive about things. For the first time since being diagnosed with Depression, I honestly feel happy and feel as if I'm going to be okay when things get harder. Such a proud moment for me to be able to see light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

To celebrate this, I went for a walk in Avery Hill Park, so here are a ton of pics I took. I also got a goodbye card and dessert for my Northern Irish flatmate, who leaves tomorrow, to go back home. So good luck to her and I wish her all the best!!

Toodles :)

University Day 7: Wetherspoon's Lunch Date In Greenwich

Hey there, Schneckens!
So this is my first weekend at University and marks my first week of being here. It's also my first weekend, in a long time, away from home and I feel great! Like, I feel Tony the Tiger 'greeeeeeat'. Man, I miss that tiger. Maybe I should by some Frosties. Or nah. Definitely the nah.

Yes, yesterday the weather was rather pleasant and that only meant one thing: Spoons. Raise your hands if you love Spoons? Who doesn't? Cheap food, cheap alcohol, friendly atmosphere - what's not to love?! Well In Eltham, turns out the Spoons there is the world's smallest Wetherspoon because it was so tiny, no upstairs, that we walked in and walked out again. They should hastily remove the 'J.D. Wethespoon' from their licence and just stick to a local because I hardly think many can fit a series of plates and glasses in that place!

By 'we' I of course mean Tanaka! After weeks apart, we were finally united in the most glorious fashion. We went to Greenwich and thoroughly enjoyed our gourmet burger and hot dog. I even ordered extra onion rings - but that's probably because traffic was so hideous that we arrived in Greenwich gone 2pm and we were so damn hungry! We even had a dessert - chocolate fudge cake and cheesecake; Tanaka lovingly shared her ice cream with me because my cheesecake looked so lonely on its own. I probably wouldn't order the cheesecake again because of that and the flavour itself didn't sit nicely on my tongue. But that could've been the Kopperburg..

After that, we went into a retro clothes/record shop and it was like paradise for us! I found a beautiful white lace dress that could seriously be my wedding dress. Is it weird to already decide on a wedding dress when I am nowhere near the state of marriage yet? Maybe. I then treated Tanaka to the Market, which she described as vintage, so win win there and then we went into a health shop because she really likes her vitamins.

We spent a good while in there just looking at natural brands, like natural nappies and tampons... Okay...? This was before we headed off to Eltham so I could show her my campus and my flat. It felt so nice to be able to share this experience with her as she's never seen the places here before, My flat may be quaint, but it is so cute and very welcoming. I gave her some stuff to get her settled, like pictures (maybe too many of me,,, haha!) and she has enough Greenwich merch now to start a war in her Westminster University!

Then of course, all good days must reach and end and once I dropped her off at the bus stop, I went back to mine, ate something small and quickly dozed off. A great day indeed.

Toodles :)

Friday, 25 September 2015

University Day 6: My Induction

Hey, Schneckens!
So I have a glass of wine right now and I am with Bub, just lovingly gazing at my basil plant. Yes, I shit you not, I have a basil plant. See:

Crazy, I know. I am too emotionally unstable to be left with one of these, but I am sure I can take great care of Keith the Basil plant. Jeez, I am a crazy!

Anyhow, today I went to my Drama induction and to the surprise of no one, except myself, I was really cheerful. Like, I was channeling my Santa Claus on Prozac, getting laid, at Disneyland - yes, I was THAT cheerful. I was a bit pissed with the bus services though because our free bus is meant to leave at 15 minutes pass the hour and this one was there before 9 and left at 9.. Erm, excuse me? I got out 15 minutes early to get there in time for what is meant to be a quarter past bus. So I missed it because it was full and I had to get public transportation and due to traffic on buses, I got a train and DLR, setting me back a few pounds. Eurgh, nonetheless, I got there on time to my surprise and I am rather looking forward to my courses. I may feel nervous on the day, but I am doing well so far!

Apart from that though, it's been a tame day. Went to a coffee morning and helped myself to a few cupcakes, which were delicious. Then I went shopping. I bought a ton of baking stuff to start my erotic bakery. My aim is to test flavour combinations on Sunday and late November/Early December have my first ever dick cake ready for premiere. If it is a success, I might start to advertise? Who knows, I'm young and free and able to experiment with these insane ideas before I need to calm down and get my shit together. And with that, I am off to have a sip of my wine and watch Big Brother.


Toodles :)

Thursday, 24 September 2015

University Days 4 & 5: Down//Freshers Fair II

Hello, dearests Schneckens!
We have nearly completed my first week here and I feel great. My room is moderately tidy at the moment and I have actually decorated a fair bit! I've been speaking to people and I can honestly say I am enjoying myself!

Yesterday, however, I had a bit of a low day. It's okay, let's get them out of the way! It was a bit silly, but Pixie was retelling me a story and I didn't like what I had heard. Without going into too much incriminating details, he mentioned something that reminded me of one of us encounters and I didn't like his contrasting reactions towards them. So I snapped, downed the vodka, thought about cutting and cried briefly. Then I went for a run and it felt great. I mean, the actual running was exhausting (I am so out of shape haha!) But it was a good experience. Just getting that air into my system, being in the park and running alongside the many, many pugs, I felt like I can overcome this blip. That's all it was. A blip. I heard something I didn't like, it triggered feelings/thoughts and I went into my reactive state, but I pulled myself back before I could go any further. And you know what? The rest of the evening was great - I was on the phone to Tanaka, who is on her very busy first week, and I had a bonding session with my flatmate over a spider... which I accidentally killed after ironically trying to safe it. Eek. So even though I felt low, I picked myself back up and kept going. Sure, it's still in my mind and if I give enough time to dwell over it, I will surely cry or whatnot, but that's just what happens unfortunately. It's human nature to be sad over things and it takes time to be like 'yeah, doesn't bother me anymore.'

Today. What a day to be alive! First of all, Freshers Fair! My god, so much free stuff. Let's add to the societies I have joined, some of these are hilarious:
  • Creative Writing
  • Maths (loooooool)
  • Catholic
  • Rock Climbing and Mountain Stuff
  • Zumba
  • History
  • Sociology
  • Business
My goodness, I walked away with so much free stuff. The place was amazing, I even got a free shot and loads of food. I was convinced I was going to be fat by the end of the day. It was so fun though. I was with Beth and we toured the thing together. Got ourselves loads of freebies and discounts, including Nando's! YAAAASSSS. We saw Mystery Bus Guy, hence the Maths society - someone had to write their names first! He's doing well, so I gave him sweet popcorn and a cupcake, because I am that sort of friend!

Then I met someone who is into Russian History. That was fun! He even speaks the language and has visited the country. I added him on Facebook so we could talk some more some time, so exciting times, huh?! A human being, other than me, who likes Russian history! Success!!

Speaking of success, I run in Connect 4 and I am watching Coronation Street live. Clearly I am the winner of today's shenanigans! Oh, and I bought a budgie called Derren.

Toodles :)