Thursday, 6 August 2015

Throwback Thursday: The Diva Diaries

Why hello there, Schneckens!
I feel like I should continue this post by discussing what was perhaps the grimmest episode of Emmerdale I have ever seen and how I am heartbroken that my favourite character has crocked it. Sad times, it was a double death saga in tonight's episode and one of them involved a head being sliced off. Grim doesn't even cover it.

Anyway, I am listening to a band called X Ambassadors and I was introduced to them by the same guy who introduced me to Hollywood Undead. Fuck this guy knows good music. So listening to this guys have got me all reflective and reminiscing about life's adventures. Like here's a thought - this is the first August in yeeeeeears where I am not shitting myself about exam results! What?! That is crazy! So I figured instead of doing a piss poor 'How To', I would just do a throwback that I never covered probably because I was too depressed to actually do it the first time round, so here we go back to March and how me, my Asian mom and Sister became Disney Princesses!


Professional shots - Basically 3 outfit changes, where the three of us decided we would go for fancy, casual and Frozen theme. We had our hair and makeup done professionally and I opted for elegant makeup and wavy hair. If anyone is at all interested in where I got my outfits, they range from New Look to Primark, so all very affordable. The breasts are real in case anyone stumbling on this is blown away by how perky they look and trust me, I was as well! Our photographer was lovely and totally didn't mind that I embraced the whole diva attitude - I am sure he is used to it! I mean, someone had to and it might as well be the Drama queen!



Photos From The Day - From our start at Victoria to McDonald's, we pretty much did it all. I also got ID'd in McDonald's for a McFlurry.. Okaaaaaay then. There was also a point where it looked like I was experiencing a mini breakdown, but I assure you, I was just hyped on the wonders of life. And some sweets that were as hard as lego. Hideous.







Toodles :)