Monday, 17 August 2015

The Problem With Guys

Hi there, Schneckens!
I'm back from my week holiday and the reason I went away for the week was because it was results week and that brings back very raw feelings for me. I felt incredibly low as my life became dominated with University and exam stuff and it reminded me of last year when I had planned to kill myself. I tried blogging about it, but I don't want the blog to be too dark!

But here I am and I have Bitch Better Have My Money playing because that seems appropriate for a Monday I guess. One thing that Rihanna's music reminds me of is men. Guys, you do a lot of shit that annoys the shittles out of me and other women. Granted, we also do shit, but stop trying to paint us as some hormonal wrecks who do things that don't make sense to you. Firstly, yes, our periods make us a bit on edge. You would too if you had blood gushing out of your penis for a consecutive amount of days and you've been forced to wear the most hideous underwear you have because now is not to the time to wear that sexy lace stuff, even though all you want to do is feel sexy and man you are more ravenous than humanly possible! So stop asking us 'if we're on [our] period' when we snap at you because we might just be and we don't really want to deal with this right now. Also, trying to say that you can't do anything right because we'll be annoyed anyway is absolute bullshit. Not texting us back or sending one words will obviously piss us off. We want you to tell us we look good. We get annoyed, not because you're not some figure of a perfect man, but because you're not imaging if you were in our position.

That's another thing - you guys can say the most insensitive things to us. Whether it be commenting on how crazy I am being or telling me to just go outside if I am feeling lonely, you know how to make me feel like shit. That also goes for discussing other girls to us. Guys, I speak for myself and other women, we're not too keen on you mentioning how attractive other women are to us. We're not. Sometimes, yes, but most of the time nope. Unless I have reached a stage where I can openly urinate on the phone or with the door open with you or let out some sort of wind in your company, I don't want to hear that you think that girl is attractive. I don't care if it's some politician or girl I don't even know, I don't want you to tell me she is 'like damn' because chances are I might sorta like you and this is a massive blow to me. Hey, I might not even like you in that way and it just sucks that you can't even tell me something nice about me, despite the fact we're meant to be friends. For goodness sake, like my fucking pictures already.

Oh god, pictures. Listen, when we put a picture up on Facebook or Instagram looking sexy as fuck, we want YOU to like it. If you're going to like every other ho's picture, why not mine? I've resulted in endless amounts of classy topless pictures to get that one guy to like it because he's liked ALL my friends' pictures but not mine. Not one and it sucks. If we've had some sort of sexual thing or romantic thing go on between us, I expect you to like that picture because I'm plastering on all this makeup at 1am because I know you will see these pictures. Also, respond to our SnapChats. That's just basic manners. Oh and texts us back, especially after sex. My vagina and heart don't work as a team, you bang one, the other one doesn't care. Texting won't make me fall in love with you.

There's a good chance I just blatantly ranted about a guy... Fuck.

Toodles :)

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