Friday, 7 August 2015

Saucy Friday: Bad Boys

Schneckens, stop right here and watch this clip, then return and hold me as I weep happy tears:

Oh goodness, so Emmerdale's Summer Fate has reached its dramatic end and what a sad way to end it with someone being giving the hardest news they will ever have to take. Admit it, you wept a little bit too because I know I did, but that's probably because my uterus is preparing to shred it's home because no one is occupying it at the moment and it's like it's a landlord getting pissed at me for not paying rent or something. Well sorry uterus for not wanting babies right now, be grateful!

Today I rang a person that I promised I wouldn't talk to again - okay that's a lie. I didn't promise I wouldn't talk to him, I just suggested that it would be better for me if I decided not to communicate with him so much. Well, whilst in the bath, I remembered a vital piece of information about him and it threw me, so obviously I had to phone him or I would spend a lifetime thinking I had been lied to by someone I opened up with in numerous different ways. During this phone call, he revealed something to me that unleashed the feels because I suddenly had a moment of realisation about why he comes across as a massive bellend. I've never used that word again and I just wanted to see what it was like. Felt weird, so I'm going to stick to twat.

This made me contemplate what really is a bad boy. Well apparently, according to Google:
"a man who does not conform to approved standards of behaviour, especially in a particular sphere of activity."
They're not really bad, they're like me and you,
completely misunderstood
I went through what I thought was a bad boy phase last year. You know, good guy giraffe hurt me and if the alleged good guy was a total prick and ultimately hurt me a lot, then maybe a bad boy was what I needed. I mean, it would make sense - I already knew he would hurt me and therefore I wouldn't really be hurt because I totally saw it coming. One year younger me didn't really think things through well. A part of me also just really wanted Pixie's D if I'm totally honest with you because he was hot as fuck and I wanted to get down and dirty with that perv. But yes, back on track, Pixie was everything I considered a bad boy because:

1. He was a sleaze and douche and a player around women.
2. He would constantly talk about sex and having sex with me.
3. He wanted me sexually and didn't hide it.
4. He hit on anyone with a pulse.
5. He sat in the isolated areas of places.
6. He never spoke about what he was feeling.
7. He failed the year.
8. He just seemed like a massive dick tbh.

With all that, he was my bad boy and I was completely attracted to him. Talking to him made me feel a fire in myself and I had never felt that before. Talking to him, getting sexual and getting pulled into his world felt so bad, but it felt so fucking good and I didn't want it to stop. He may have hurt me on numerous occasions, but I kept going back and why - because he was my bad boy.

Until he did an Aden. "A what?" I hear you cry. Well, this is what I define as an Aden. Home and Away fans will remember this fine piece of meat:

When he arrived in the Bay, he was a grade A cunt, constantly offending people and causing drama and pretty much wrecking lives. He was the top bad boy of the bay ... Until he had a traumatic incident and it later was revealed he was abused by his grandfather and he opened up to his love Belle and she brought out his good side, so he became a fine figure of a man that you would be proud to call your anything:

Therefore, unless the man you are attracted to is a top end killer, he isn't a bad boy, he's just really misunderstood and you haven't really got to know him that much because you've already assumed he's like this. I may have got closer to Pixie and dropped the whole 'bad boy' schtick months ago after we established a strong friendship, but for a good chunk of last year, he was my bad boy. He's not, he's actually nice. Yeah, he can do dickish things that make me cry, but so does a lot of people sometimes. Oh and whilst I'm here, if a guy is a top end killer, that isn't a bad boy, that's just a murderer and they're two separate things!

Toodles :)

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