Monday, 3 August 2015

Music Monday [New Girl]

Hey, Schneckens!
Happy Monday and all - hope you all had a good weekend. It was incredibly sad this Sunday following the announcement that Cilla Black had passed away at the age of 72. I always loved her and many of my great ideas originated from her shows; from my Drama games to my elfies, they were all inspired by her. We've lost one of the greats, may she rest in peace.

So I'm hooked on New Girl at the moment and already binged by way through Season 1 - my god this show is amazing. I may be four years late to the party, but screw it, I am so damn happy and can we all just admit that we've all, at some point, fallen for Zooey Deschanel's piercing blue eyes and Jake Johnson's rich Chicago accent. Nom. Therefore to take me away from going on another NG binge, let's Monday, shall we?!

Song I listened to: Everybody's Pretty When They're 18:
With a cool, country summer vibe you can't help but become addicted to this song and have it on repeat all day. With a powerful message speaking out against bullying and self doubt, you feel an instant emotional connection to the track, hitting you right in those feels. Next week there will be a surprise for all listeners, so get listening and party on! A wise song!

Modern Suspects
Song I listened to: Hold Me:
A synth intense masterpiece that is full of lyrical gems. You're taken on a journey throughout this entire track and as it gets closer to that gorgeous chorus, you feel all warm and tingly inside. Superb!

The Digital Age
Song I listened to: Glow:
Despite it being a year old now, it's still as powerful as it was then. You become hooked on the beats and would be amazingly suited for a feature length film because it is up to such a high quality - from the production to the lyrics. Plus, they have a bit of a Fall Out Boy vibe about them. Amazing!!

Motion City Soundtrack
Song I listened to: TKO:
Those subtle gravelly vocals create instant eargasms throughout, which is intensified with the guitar riffs and drum beats. Basically, this song will knock you out. Enjoy that pun along with this song! Awesome!!

Sada K.
Song I listened to: Live Love Laugh:
Since I am on a massive NG binge, this song is amazing for my current mood. With an uplifting and summery beat, with incredibly motivating lyrics, you can't help but feel totally happy after listening. Incredibly addictive and will leave you all smiling and feeling chill with life. Beautiful!

And that's it for today because let's face it, New Girl is calling. Hope you all enjoy the list and maybe I'll see you next week - you bring the music (just in case!)

Toodles :)