Friday, 3 July 2015

If My Life Was A Music Video [Ft. In This Moment]

Jaaaysus, it is still hot, Schneckens!
But I followed my own advice and I am doing okay in the weather. Haven't had to whip out the ice yet or take my clothes off; therefore I am doing better than some folk in the world. It is hot though, yet I will go on a magical walk and maybe an #elfie if I can make it up the hill. Yikes.

Anyway, have you ever had those moments when you're walking down the street, listening to music, and you imagine that you're in a music video? Well I do it ALL THE DAMN TIME. It really makes trivial things, like food shopping, more interesting. Like just imagine it, instead of a Sainsbury's bag full of food, you're carrying a Macy's bag cos that bitch better have your money.. You get the point. So with this in mind, I will bring some of my life moments into a music video idea for you all and then we can all agree that my thought process is a pretty fucked up. Some events will be real, whilst others may be extremely exaggerated because that's that what we do.

Artist I will be putting my videos to: In This Moment
Why: I feel like I can relate to her and her music because as women, we're constantly criticised and held against certain expectations. Yet we both know that people tend to "hate" on things about us secretly love that same very thing because without the hate, how will they ever function?

1. Sexual Hallucination (AKA. When A Guy Caught My Eye So Much And Things, Ahem, Blossomed) LISTEN HERE:

The start the lights slowly fade on, the screen is in black and white, so it has that twitching light effect. I stand in the common room, staring at the doors and eyeball fuck the guy, who is returning my gaze. He grins in that 'I know you want it' way. As it gets to the chorus, lights fade up into colour in a bang/flash sorta way and we're aggressively making out in the deepest part of the locker room. I am against the locker. Then as the chorus continues, we stop making out, so he can rip off my blouse and starts kissing my breasts (wearing a bra folks), with me obviously looking mighty aroused, The second verse, the scene changes to me back in the common room, this time in colour, and he walks towards me. He sits opposite me, we continue to eyeball fuck. I bite my lip briefly, before I have a moment of realisation and try to leave, but he touches my wrist and stops me. Chorus is back to the common room and now I am ripping off his shirt and his down his torso, reaching towards his lower area. I slowly take off his belt. The bridge the scene returns to the common room and he is still touching my wrist, but I quickly pull away and grab my stuff and escape the common room. Pans back to the locker room and I am on a table, his body between my legs as we kiss passionately. Quick change to the common room exit and I am breathing heavily, clearly tempted. As the song reaches its end, the screen returns to the start, but it is now clear that it wasn't a look of 'I know you want it', it's 'I gave it to you'.

2. The Fighter (AKA. Being Left With Scars) LISTEN HERE:

As the piano starts, I am looking into the mirror, clearly distraught. There are things scattered around me, an indication that I wrecked my room. I have cuts on my wrist and I am clinging onto a bottle of vodka. As the chorus starts, I take a gulp from the bottle and then wipe my mouth and throw the bottle across the room, smashing a picture of me. The photo falls slow mo - showing a flashback faintly. The second verse I put on a coat and storm outside, it is raining. I walk in the dark, hands in my pockets. I walk past people, who are drunk and when they try talking to me with their drunkenness, I ignore them and keep walking. When the chorus returns, I am in the road and look at myself in the puddle and smack it, so I splash myself and smudge my mascara. When the bridge comes, people rally around me, but I push them away and I start running. Flashbacks of things that I am traumatised by faintly appear, but by the end of it, I am by a streetlight and I feel safe because I am in a town full of lights.

 3. Dirty Pretty (AKA. I Dress For You, Not Me And That Sucks) LISTEN HERE:

When she starts talking, I drag a male into the changing room and start undressing him. I start analysing him and grading him, deciding whether he is "pretty enough" or "fit" etc. When the chorus starts, I am looking around clothing shops, looking at risqué outfits, just flicking through them all until I find the one. During the second verse, I am back in the changing room with the guy and I start handing him clothes that he doesn't feel comfortable in and force him to wear it, Chorus returns and I take the risqué outfit off the rail and bring it to my body and look at myself in the mirror. As the bridge starts, I walk towards the changing room, people staring at me as I walk to the door and the woman asks if this is what I am trying on. As the chorus approaches, I say yes and walk to the room. During the chorus, it's a split screen between me and the other me and the video ends with us in the outfits on our own and we both sigh disheartened.

And I think three is enough for today and I think I ended on something that shows that a lot of my thoughts and feelings can be relatable to absolutely anyone! Like I said, exaggerated, but when as a music video not been? So these songs were from the album Black Widow, which you can download here. It's pretty good.

Enjoy your day and soak up the sun in a safe amounts and embrace that Friday feeling!

Toodles :)

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