Tuesday, 7 July 2015

10 Years On

Hi, Schneckens!
Apologies for my absence yesterday, I had a very difficult day following issues with a person in my life and I was too angry at him to do a blog post that didn't involve me ripping him to shreds.. Yikes.

Today marks ten years since the bombing on numerous tube and bus services and the feeling still remains as many paid their respects to those people who lost their lives and were left injured and traumatised by it all. No matter how much time passes, it will always be a raw memory that will stay with a lot of people forever.

I remember the day quite vividly. I was only nine years old at the time and I was at school when the news started to break that a terrorist attack had happened. Most of us around my age weren't really experienced when it came to news like this, I was too young to remember 9/11 and I still lived in that blissful state that wars (like WWII) weren't happening anymore. That day a lot of students in my class were on a school trip, so we and the other class joined together and we all watched films whilst the teachers all seemed frantic about the news that was flooding in. The thing that always stays with me from that day was play time. No one was playing. We were worried, but we didn't know why. We heard things and being young, we feared for our parents or other family members. Many were crying, really afraid of the worst possible news in the world. One girl questioned people crying, saying that those kids' parents probably don't even work in those places. But I don't think that's why they were crying. All of us had been on a tube in our lives and we had all been on a bus, some use a bus to get to school that day. We as kids never question what happens and we accept that things are safe. For the first time ever, many of us were faced with the realisation that we're not always safe.

Whilst things like this don't happen as much as the media portrays, it does and the figure is quite frankly appalling - things like this should NEVER happen, but they do and that is awful. That day I panicked and I was already an anxious child, but this sparked an unsettling amount of anxiety. Even today I had that strong panicky sensation as I awoke from my dream. I had dreamed that a terrorist attack happened on a tube and I woke up in hot sweats and shook up.

Ten years on and still the day shakes me to the very core. We will never forget what happened that day.

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