Sunday, 7 June 2015

Making Responsible And Grown Up Decisions

Hi, Schneckens!
Hope everyone is having a good weekend! Mine's been pretty well actually. I have been resting because I haven't been feeling too good recently. I guess I am working a bit too hard with everything.

I decided to unfriend some people today because I got annoyed. I usually contain myself when I become irritated because when unwell and stuff, it happens quite regularly. But today I said no. I have been doing my petition to improve the education and treatment of mental health in schools and so far it has been a success (I'll mention that in a moment) People have been signing it and that has made me so happy. Yet, people who I considered friends have not even signed it. I know people are busy; might not have seen it or whatnot, but I ASKED them if they would sign it. I asked politely, which to be honest I should not have to do. Friends should support friends, especially when it is something that is quite big and even a small contribution like signing an online petition that takes a minute can really help. I have been honoured that folk have signed and shared it, especially as it means that people ABROAD have signed it and they have a valid reason why they might not sign it. Heck, people I don't even talk to signed it because they could see what an important campaign this is and how hard I am working my butt off to get somewhere - those people really made me smile.

After a while you get tired of people who treat you like this and enough is enough. For some, I put my health on the line to ensure THEY were safe! I recall having the most awful week a human being could have and I still put others in front, even if it meant I would potentially suffer. It's not so I could get something in return, it's because I genuinely care. I might not be able to solve problems; donate money or anything like that, but I try my best. So if a person can't even try for you, then no, you deserve better. You don't need grand gestures or anything fancy, but if a "friend" can't even sign a flipping petition, then they won't be there when it's something bigger.

Aaaaand rant over. I wanted to get that out of the way to announce great news:
1. We've reached over 100 supporters.
2. Stella Creasy has seen the petition and wants to meet so we can discuss how we can make improvements for mental health in schools and in the community!

See, good things happen and if you think signing a petition is a waste of time, maaan you were wrong!!

Toodles :)


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