Thursday, 18 June 2015

How To Get Kylie Jenner Lips

Yo, Schneckens!
I unintentionally embraced the female stereotype today by going shopping and purchasing the following items:
1. A very beautiful dress, but I need an occasion to wear it.
2. Knitting items - so much yarn!
3. Baking stuff.
4, A shit load of makeup.
5. Waxing strips.
So yes, I fully embraced that stereotype today and had fun doing it. Except I have zero clue about to use half this makeup stuff.

Now I am aware that I have been useless here; skipping days and whatnot, but what can I say that I haven't a million times before? I am simply tired and it's hard to blog when you just don't have any energy to do so. Sixth Form days were easy to blog - I would always be buzzing from something whether it was good or bad. To be fair, I haven't been up to much. Tomorrow I'll tell you about Tuesday, but this week I was just going for walks and stuff.

So, since I'm here I might as well impart wisdom. Well, how about getting those Kylie Jenner lips that all the kids are raving about these days.

How To Get Kylie Jenner Lips:

1. Wash your face ~ Rinse, cleanse, moisturise - you get the whole shebang, just scrub that face good.
2. Pick the right lip liner ~ As in the right tone, shape, size = has to suit your lips so it looks realistic.
3. Place the liner above the actual line of your lip ~ I'm sure there are technical names for this, but I am not a scientist.
4. Fill it in with lipstick ~ It's like a colouring book. Hey, you don't even have to use lipstick, you can use the liner because when else are you going to use it?
5. Pout ~ Work the Kylie Jenner look..


Toodles :)

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