Thursday, 7 May 2015


Hey, Schneckens!

Okay, The Asian Mom wrote this yesterday, so here is another approach to Election fever! Her approach was evidently fun. More fun than mine. So enjoy!

So today is voting day! Oh gosh I feel like such an adult yes I may be Asian Mom but there is nothing like the feeling of growing up to scare the lights out of you. I was really conflicted in who to vote for there were just so many different parties each offering different plates of food to the table. Schneckens, I'm still very ill and I can't proper food so please eat some food on my behalf. Please and Thanks.
Vote for the Penguin and be ready as the world will die from the cuteness that will make ovaries everywhere burst!
So who would you vote for?
Toodles :)

So anyway, if I can't decide for actually human beings to run my country, let's turn to some fictional characters who can run the world if they wanted to. 

Vote for Pedro and he will make wildest dreams come true. Also with an epic dance scene from his best friend Napoleon who wouldn't want to vote for him.

 Vote for any of the chocolates and they would still probably make better candidates than those that are running. Plus they probably make the world a better place because chocolate. Duh!

Vote for Esteban Julio Ricardo Dela Rosa Ramirez and have the finest treatment in customer service at the Tipton Hotel.

Vote for Alison Hendrix and get a discount on a new line of soaps with a special medicinal qualities. After all she and husband Donnie are pharmaceutical entrepreneurs with a passion for fighting for what's right and making sure your children are in the right catchment area for schools. Totally be a badass bitch along with her sisters.

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