Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Truth About Love: Refined

Hi, Schneckens!
Good day? Mine was better. Slightly pissed at my Making Theatre term 2 marks; not bad, but the comments were a tad bitchy. I worked fucking hard on that AV, using a software NO ONE knew how to use and all I got was fine. Fuck off, man, fuck off.

And composure. I am good now, though. Just had dinner round Beth's new flat and it's looking great. The dinner was equally as nice. Except for the mushrooms. I despise those mushrooms. But wine, beef and mash, where can you go wrong?

Many moons ago (last year on Camp Takota Day..) I wrote a post talking about love, which you can read here - HEEEEEEEEEEERE. That post talks about how much love was just a step closer to heart break and that we're all just lovesick junkies searching for our next hit... I never said year ago me wasn't melodramatic! She was sorta right though because face it, how many of us love watching films like the Notebook and ponder a big ol' kiss in the rain. We think it will be passionate and beautiful, when really you'll both just stick to each other's wet clothes and smell like wet dog. Nice.

Now though, I see love in different and open ways. For instance:
1. Mother, Father, Sibling and Nan = that undeniable love for a family member and know they'll do anything for you to see you happy.
2. Ruby (Asian Mom), Ruby (Son) and Tanaka (Sister) = a second family that doesn't feel separated from the first and a love that is a strong as a bloodline love.
3. Drama Family = a love that allowed me to shine and find confidence in the place that I love.
4. Beth = a friendship that extends just University and allows us to be who we are without judgement.
5. Giraffe = a toxic love that spewed self loathing and unhealthy thoughts and behaviours.
6. Pixie = a love that grew from hate and has become stronger than anyone could have thought.

You see, I never predicted a love for Pixie, mainly because he was the 'sex god'. How do you love someone you initially wanted to bang? Not just bang. A casual bang. A casual afternoon bang in your parent's house whilst they were away on holiday. A casual bang, in your parent's house, whilst they were away and he had a free period or was willing to skip a lesson. Ahh, classy. But it is true. Why do I love him? It's because, despite this, I was intrigued by him and got to know him. I realised he was a nice guy. Yes, a bit of a twat at times, but who isn't? I used to wonder if we could ever be friends because there was that clear 'I want to fuck you like an animal/fuck your brains out' sorta vibe between us for what seemed like the majority of our initial encounters with each other. Alas, we grew out of that and bonded, like non sexual humans.

Long story short - love can be anything and can be for anyone. See where it takes you and if it a) makes you feel happy and gleeful, stay and let the love bloom. But if it b) has you reaching for a razor blade; vodka or pills, for goodness sake, STAAAAHP. Please. Giraf - I mean, no person is worth that.

Toodles :)

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