Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Mental Health Awareness Week: Anxiety

Hi there, Schneckens!
How's it hanging? I'm coping, somewhat. Stressed as per usual, but when am I never stressed? I really want a burger though, although I will resist that urge for now. For now..

So continuing this week of action in combating mental health and breaking the stigma attached to it. Today I will focus on Anxiety and what is incredibly frustrating to hear as someone who lives with it. I am socially anxious and have generalised anxiety, both link into each other quite significantly. Basically, in terms of daily life, this means that I get super anxious about anything and not too keen in being in public situations where people can see me. Yes, I am a Drama student, but that is entirely different. That's playing a character, real life me isn't a character.

Having an anxiety disorder is like being trapped in a blank room, isolated from the outside world, but a figure keeps popping in to give you filtered information. It's not the full picture, just snapshots or so of worst case scenarios. This is a metaphor for your mind. You don't seen the full picture, but you immediately assume the worst because your body has gone into fight mode. Anxiety can be good in quantities to protect one from danger, but going out with your friends doesn't quite require that amount of protection.

Personally, the one thing I hate is when other people make insensitive comments about anxiety, such as: "why are you nervous?"; "there's nothing to be anxious about", "just stop panicking!" because:
1.) Sometimes we don't know why we are anxious and that makes us more anxious.
2.) Clearly something is making us feel this way, so instead of questioning me, support me through breathing techniques or so.
3.) Trust me, if I could stop feeling this way, I would not put myself through it.

Hopefully this was useful for you and you could relate. Anxiety is a tough one, it's like a frenemy: we don't like it, but it's always there for us, even though we really don't want it!

Toodles :)

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