Sunday, 31 May 2015

A Ruff Night For Humans

How's my Schneckens today?!
I for one am in a grand mood because my knitting project has come to life. Yes, I am knitting at the moment. I decided to use my summer productively and this is just one of the ways. I will keep you all updated with this as I continue!

So Britain's Got Talent has just finished and as you can sort of guess through my punny heading, the dog act won. Who doesn't like a good ol' acting; jumping; magical dog with a three legged friend called Skippy? Only a monster. Or this gal:

Britain's Got Talent live final, Jules O'Dwyer and MatisseShe might try and make a coat out of that amazing dog's fur! Seriously though, Jules O'Dwyer and Matisse were stunning tonight. I was sitting,wide eyed, during the whole thing wanting to adopt that dog and make it the best sandwich ever. I'm in the sandwich mood tonight - the food, not anything kinky. I had to avoid any kind after I accidentally said this to my mother regarding Jamie Raven:
       ME: I never saw his semi, what was it like -
I quickly realised the fault in that sentence and swiftly went back to my knitting. He was incredible though and I couldn't help but ponder how the fuck he did it - HE WHIPPED OUT A SIGNED NOTE FROM ALESHA FROM A FRESHLY CUT LEMON. HOW?!?!

Speaking of fresh, who else thought Old Men Grooving were, well, groovy? I love them and I just wanted to adopt all of them and make them a sandwich too. They make dad dancing cool and if I had my father do Gangnam Style half as good as them, I would probably down a shot of vodka to erase the embarrassment. Father, let Old Men Grooving do their thang and you do your thang, just don't do the same thang cos it'll be a thang overload.

Finally, special props to Jesse-Jane McParland! She is my spirit animal. I was rooting for her to get to that final and when I found out she did, I yelped with joy. She is a total badass!

So thanks for reading, especially if you don't watch BGT, you can have a biscuit - Oh wait, David Walliams ate it. After all, he is always on his knees kissing Simon's arse as he has us believe. Meeeeeow, I am catty when knitting!

Toodles :)

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