Wednesday, 1 April 2015

The Day I Meet Benedict Cumberbatch

Hello there, Schneckens!
I continue to listen to Hollywood Undead's new album and the song 'I'll Be There' makes my heart glisten with some sort of happiness. The album is truly brilliant and diverse; one minute you are getting down to Funny Man and the next you're imagining laying in a forest with your loved one during a April shower.

Back to reality. So, firstly, my title - I did meet Benedict Cumberbatch. In the Sherlock expedition in the Museum of London... Erm... APRIL FOOLS! Come on, if I met him, I would be fangirling so hard right now. There wasn't even any figures of him, just video clips. They did have the famous coat he wears for the show though, so that awesome. In all seriousness, I had a really good day with Beth going to this museum; eating a sausage sarnie and going to her crack den to get her more books. Yes, she is addicted to books. I haven't had a day out with a friend from Uni before, so I really enjoyed my day. Even when I had to endure Oxford Circus. Eeek. I burst into Mad World though, so all is fine. Apparently that is my go-to song, such a cheery number!

Now I need to go, so here's a picture of my pussy!

Toodles :)

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