Monday, 27 April 2015

Music Monday [Cheap Vodka]

Yo, Schneckens!
I have downed a cheap can of cranberry vodka because it was the only thing I could reach in Sainsbury's that looked nice. Alcohol wise. I don't just casually walk into Sainsbury's and buy alcohol. I did also buy chocolate and vegetables. Okay, I bought more than that, but whatever.

So I was back at Uni today and it went okay. They liked my AV stuff and I managed to wake up on time. Success all round, so let's celebrate with music - let's Monday, shall we?!

Song I listened to: Fly Away:
Kicking off Music Monday is a hip hop song that has a cool summer vibe to it. It's fresh and something to get down to any day of the week! Bravo!

Sean Beeson
Song I listened to: Temple Crest:
It's very rare that we get a chance to listen to something that is meant to be purely instrumental, so getting to hear this was a privilege. It was extremely calming and it transported me to my own very happy place. Wonderfully cinematic!

Ali Spagnola
Song I listened to: Bang Bang [Cover]:
What an amazing awesome cover of such an awesome song! This woman has skills that are so long that I can't even list them all. So let the music do the talking and check out this cover!

Tom Bertram
Song I listened to: Anything For You:
Such a beautiful and rich country tone that compliments the heart felt lyrics that he effortlessly swoons on this track. You'd do anything to hear this song again because it is truly stunning!

Louy Fierce
Song I listened to: Hungover:
The amount of cheap vodka I have drunk, this may be the case tomorrow. Yet the beat, the vibe and the overall tone to the song is addictive and banging. I really liked it and I know I'll be listening to this song for a good while! Hell, might help with the pending hangover!

Jazz Mino
Song I listened to: Blue Eyes:
Her brand new album is out today and it's cracking! Check out a few of her songs here and you'll understand why many cannot get enough of this talented artist!

Elm Treason
Song I listened to: Days of Reaction - THE WHOLE ALBUM:
Hey, these guys are awesome and I haven't mentioned them in a while. Their music never tires with me and I always love their stuff as if it was the first listen!

So that's Monday for you, see you next week (ish) for the next list - you bring the music!

Toodles :)

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