Wednesday, 29 April 2015

How Do I Get Myself Into These Situations?


 I am ill and my Asian daughter is questioning my life decisions while stuck on in a bus that’s on diversion and if you have ever been in this situation, let me tell you it’s hell especially when you have places to be.

So as stated earlier, I am sick right now. I have a stomach infection. WHO THE HELL GETS A STOMACH INFECTION?!!!! I hear you ask- well “I do” is the answer. Is it because I’m Asian? Too Asian perhaps? who knows? all I know is I’m in pain but the drugs are taking a slow effect on this whole crazy town.

Anyway as a result of this I have missed nearly a full week of uni. YAYAYAYAYAYAY *dies in the corner*. I honestly feel like Cosima right now sick, except I’m not in lab carrying out experiments on me and sisters and not to mention I can’t do science for shit!

The only thing getting me through the week is knowing that Orphan Black S3E3 is out on Saturday! Hopefully the drama of Project Leda and Project Castor will help me forget my fears! 

Speaking of fears Kira Manning scares me!!! So Asian Mom out!!

Toodles :)

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