Saturday, 7 March 2015

Rum Bum

Hey, Schneckens!
I've had a lot of rum tonight and other alcoholic beverages.

Talk tomorrow! *echoes*

Okay, it's tomorrow and here I am. I didn't want to skip a day, so I did a piss poor upload and decided to just edit it like a fancy penguin.

So because my mother is away for actual Mother's Day, we celebrated this weekend. I baked the famous carrot cake that was a delicious failure - top tip, thicken the icing and put it on the next day! On Saturday, we went to Turtle Bay, you know, the Caribbean restaurant. I'm not really big on Caribbean food, but I went right in there with an open mind a ready for everything! I had sooo much rum that night, had some curried goat and banana fritters. Everyone had a great evening and the night was topped off with a Skype with Tanaka. Ahh, it was a great day! I'd talk about Sunday, but then it would look like I can predict the future and that would be weird.

BUUUUUT, before I go, I realised something. A year ago was my 100th blog post! I remember it so well. I was in Drama and didn't appreciate that I had a whole life ahead of me and I shouldn't beat myself over the things I didn't have yet. A lot has changed now - I don't talk to a lot of them anymore - not because I don't want to, it's just life has pulled me in another direction now, doesn't mean I've forgotten anyone. There is one person I wish I could forget about, but alas, he's fucked me up so much that I can't quite do that. However, I can proudly say that I've removed him from EVERYTHING, so I can never hear from that guy again. In the words of my mother, since it's a Mother's Day treat for my mum - "Never run for a man or a bus, when there is another one just around the corner." Yes, mother, you are right. He sucked, pretty bad. Seriously, I cannot believe how much things have changed from a year ago. I'm in Uni now. Drinking rum. With a tortoise. Whoa.


Toodles :)

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