Thursday, 5 March 2015

Puking My Guts Up

Hi there, Schneckens!
I have a bug of some sort, so I've been puking like there's no tomorrow! Luckily things have calmed down and I haven't been sick in a while, but man, I feel rough.

Yes, lil ol' me is ill. I was so ill in fact that I was sent home to recover. Not before I could become the first person to purchase a ticket to see the third year's performance of Pornography. Obviously I would choose that. Obvs. Then I went back to the flat and I napped in bed, ate what I could and napped again. Then I was like 'oh shit, I need to do my washing!' So I got up and got everything ready - only to discover I had no change. Arrrgh. I had to buy some biscuits, which I foolishly gorged on and now feel sicker than before. Not too sick though. I do feel pretty tired though.

Maybe baking a carrot cake late in the evening wasn't the smartest idea. But hey, it's for my mother since she won't be here for Mother's Day, so we're doing it this weekend. It smells and tastes delicious - but making it was really hard because it was really sticky. No one warned me.

Oh, I also finished my essay. It was shit.

 Toodles :)

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