Friday, 20 March 2015

Pink Lasagna

Sup, Schneckens!
That solar eclipse was something, amiright? Yeah, it was - it was hidden behind typical English weather! Damn clouds ruining a spectacular moment! It was still pretty cool though being there with other eager folk. I do love a moon.

So let's discuss my last minute Wednesday. Well, Luton failed, so let's not even bother discussing that because I've just had egg on toast, so I don't want to get grumpy again over money woes. It's being sorted, so fear not, schneckens. Instead, I used my morning in an unexpected way by travelling to London Bridge for a job interview. I don't think it went well. I feel like I came across too pretentious and snobbish that they probably didn't warm to me. Jokes on them because I am awesome. So that was my morning sorted - I also "lost" my keys, but that resolved itself by the night.

Since my Asian mom and I were going to meet up anyway, we decided to go ahead with that plan still. We met at Victoria and, still, the station is not as sexy as I portrayed it in 'So Um Pouco'. I blame the absence of Tomás. But the train journey was fun as we made our way to Fultham Broadway and had the greatest lunch ever in the cafe Labi's. We had beef lasagna, with rosemary potatoes and pomegranate yoghurt, which just tasted like beetroots - something I continuously crave. Ruby wasn't a fan, but I loved the yoghurt and I continued to pour it on my lasagna until it turned pink and became the most girly thing I have ever eaten. For dessert we had red velvet cupcakes and my god, foodgasm! Don't fuck the Portuguese Guy, but do eat the red velvet cupcake! I wish there was more of the cake, but I think the cupcake was a perfect size following a big carbalicious lunch. It was also reasonably priced the whole thing. It wasn't cheap since we were in a very classy area of London, so costly, but with a discount, we did alright. Perks of being a student, I guess. The staff were also the most friendliest stuff I have ever come across and I just want to throw glitter at them because they are so wonderful, but that would be messy. So instead I'll just have my birthday there. I also "scared" Ruby when she came out of the bathroom. Hehe.

The magical day concluded with a trip to Stratford. We got the train and discussed a range of topics, from that Legally Blind video to periods. We may have freaked out those around us. Nevertheless, with M&Ms in our stomachs, we were grand. Once we got to Stratford, I thought I saw Pixie. It looked strikingly like him, but after hours of texting, I can confirm it wasn't. Whoever this guy was, he dropped his Greggs' roll and ate it, so good job, mystery guy. The two of us went to the Disney store for old time's sake and it still looks the same as when we last went. No changes there, then. But big change for me as I went to Primark without any issues and we bought clothes for our upcoming photoshoot. Amazing. More about that in the next week or so. The rest of Westfield was just Victoria Secret and blowing bubbles - not in VS, by the way. Then we went on different tubes and the world felt weird. But that might have been the pink lasagna..

Toodles :)

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