Monday, 2 March 2015

Music Monday [Healthy!!]

Bless me, Schneckens. *Reaches for a tissue*
I don't have a cold, I just had to sneeze. Ah, so it's getting kinda sunny out there. Until I felt a harsh breeze, it felt rather spring like. It's rather amazing realising how quickly time is going!

I am proud to announce that during my CBT session today, my counsellor showed me a graph of my progress from the very start and I can say that I am now in the healthy zone of depression after starting in severe! I am so happy and I am so proud to tell you all that!! x

Well I came back to Eltham today and had a sudden craving for mash potatoes, therefore for dinner I had sausages and mash. It was a great choice because I have dairy to use up before next week. Anyway, I'm starting to ramble now, so let's Monday, shall we?!

Jazz Mino
Song I listened to: Cleanin' Out My Closet [Cover]:
This is one of the greatest covers of the Eminem song I have EVER heard! It takes a complete U turn from the original and stays true to her style and still showcases her beautiful lyrics, as well as artistic ability!

David Crowder
Song I listened to: Come As You Are:
Such a peaceful, gentle and reflective song, with a powerful message and beautiful lyrics. It was a pleasure to listen to this because it made me reflect on a lot of important things in my life and I just know that it will touch a lot of people's hearts as they listen to this stunning track!

Dan & Friends
Song I listened to: Cold Rain and Snow Acoustic Guitar and Banjo Dead Covers Project 2015:
I've never really took the time to listen to this type of music before, but I'm glad I did today. It exceeded my expectations and a new fan has been born! It was raw and I loved it!

Song I listened to: No Refund:
A good ol' metal, rock song to kick Monday into high gear. I loved hearing those gravelly vocals over the instruments - he really controlled everything with those mighty vocals! One of the best songs of this genre I have heard in a long time!

Peculiar Disco Moves
Song I listened to: When Your Mother Goes Home:
They don't call themselves 'peculiar' for no reason! I absolutely loved these lot!! It was fun and made me smile uncontrollably. I was dancing along and I couldn't get it out of my head - wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL!!

Well I need to pee and maybe eat a lemon cake. Not at the same time and I will wash my hands! I just want to celebrate the good news!! So I'll see you next week for the next list - you bring the music!!

Toodles :)

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