Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Ménage Á Trois

*Waits for the disappointed faces who expect something kinky to be in this post*
Hi, Schneckens!
No, there is no ménage á trois. Is that the right sentence? It's merely a reference to Hollywood Undead's new album because that word features a lot; it's like the mickey 40 of the album.

Anyway, moving on from threesomes and whatnot, I can let out a sigh of relief because the presentation is finished. It went okay. Obviously we could have done better, but what can you do? My main achievement today, however, wasn't in the academic sense. It was realising that I have a really nice figure. In my costume, or array of potential costumes, I realised that I had curves in all the right places and that made me so happy. I felt confident in my body and I wanted to flaunt it to the world. Alas, I'm sure in front of the Drama class was enough. That was my highlight of the day, especially as I acted like a mini diva again and folk complimented the greatness of the outfit, so thanks Chantalle! Everyone did a smashing job with their presentations, so with that, I am out of here. I want to listen to more Undead and maybe consider a ménage á trois with Funny Man. Oh like I have to consider it!

Toodles :)

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