Sunday, 1 March 2015

Marching On With Carrot Cake

Heya, Schneckens!
I'm on my tablet writing this because I'm still in Walthamstow. I decided to stay an extra night because the rain was too much and it didn't show any signs of improvement. It's okay, though, I'll return to Eltham in the morning in time for my afternoon lecture.

I didn't do anything special today, it was a lazy day compared to yesterday's Improv workshop. I stayed at home and snuggled under a blanket with a garden gnome, whilst watching the Brits again, just in awe of Taylor Swift's dancing. I also watched Bake Off with the folks and experienced greatness when my mother prepared apricot stuffed pork, with plums, served with roast potatoes and mixed vegetables. Pudding was also fancy in the form of a carrot cake, so March is off to a smashing start! Let's no fuck it up, just like we don't fuck the Portuguese guy!

Toodles :)

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