Sunday, 15 March 2015

Happy Mother's Day 2015!

Hi, Schneckens!
I'm early because I am cooking a chicken right now and there isn't really a lot I can do since I have no motivation to do the dishwasher. Rebel.

Today is Mother's Day and my mother is on holiday. Nevertheless, we celebrated last week and I can still send her cheer today through that bond a mother and daughter have. I went to see my Nan today to deliver flowers from father and it was really nice seeing her. She told me a lot about when I was diagnosed with Diabetes and how much my mother took care of me - the woman had to bring her ill daughter back from a foreign country, after being given 2 hours or I'd be 'dead' (shit, I was in a coma, btw) then taking an air ambulance back to the UK to get me medical attention and to adjust to a new life. Plus, life hasn't been simply now - both her children are at University and I've had to battle a lot of mental health problems, so that must have been so difficult for her! Yet, she stood by me and taught me to 'never run for a man or a bus' and I stay true to that everyday...even if it means missing a shit ton of buses.

BUUUUUT I cannot forget my Asian Mom today either. I know Ruby isn't biologically my mother, but she mothers me well. I really need someone to discuss sex and Portuguese guys with because if my real mother heard half of this, she might freak out. But Ruby always listens and ensures I don't do anything stupid or life threatening. Sure, she has to keep reminding me what is real and what is my wild fantasy, but someone has to or I could convince myself that I am the Tsarina of Russia - despite the fact the Romanovs have been gone since 1917... I have history knowledge for the both of us since she dropped history in year 13. Ahh, memories. She's the business woman and I am the drama queen; the perfect combo.

So have a good day and for every mother figure out there or those watching down on us - we love you!

Toodles :)

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