Sunday, 8 March 2015

Happy International Women's Day 2015

Sorry, I left the cap lock on. Unless I was just that excited to see you. It might be both.

So as you know, I celebrated Mother's Day with my mum today and it was awesome. She very much appreciated the attention; the treats and the dinner I had lovingly prepared. I made sausage meat and roast potatoes. Okay, when I say made it, I put it in the oven and hoped for the best. But isn't that just the gist of cooking, right?

Anyway, today is International Women's Day, so to all my fellow lady friends, with a vagina and oestrogen pumping through your beautifully unique bodies - keep being awesome! Women have it tough in this world; from not getting equal pay, respect or rights. I mean, the Western world is light years better than poorer, third world countries, but overall, women in this world aren't treated like they should be! As a female myself, I find that disheartening that I will always be considered second to a man in terms of wages, working days, the way I dress and so forth.

The first time I decided I was a feminist was last year after I started to become sexualised by men and I believed that this was right because apparently I needed a man to validate me. A man, knew my breast size BEFORE my name; a man read my book and ASSUMED he could make inappropriate suggestions towards me and a man DECIDED that I was not pretty enough for his liking. It was Summer that I looked back on all these things and thought, 'Wait, what?' Would it be fair if I knew his penis size before his name; read his work and assumed I could make inappropriate comments towards him and decide he wasn't hot enough for my liking? No, it would belittle them - their intelligence, their value and identities, just like these comments belittled me in such a way.

The only thing a man has that women don't is a penis, so why should we be treated any differently to them?

Toodles :)

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