Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Awks Moment II

Happy Wednesday, Schneckens!
I'm in my kitchen because there is a man in my room. Don't worry, just the maintenance man. Wait, that sounds like the start of a porno. I swear, it's not like that...even if I have tons of sex stuff in my room. Eek.

Anyway, let's move on before things get weirder between us. Hello. I still need to finish that essay and I'm going to a charity event tonight, which should be rather exciting! It'll be a night filled with boobs, boobs and more boobs. In case you were wondering, it's a charity event for Breast Cancer, which has been organised by my friend/flatmate. Therefore, one needs to blog quickly, so I can do an essay and shower, maybe nap, before I have to leave. I plan to get a McDonald's, purely because I have a voucher for it.

So today I went for a Diabetic eye screening and to my surprise, the woman had to put drops in my eyes. I haven't done this in years and the last time I did, I was with my mother, who willingly let me squeeze her hand because I hate putting stuff in my eyes. This time I was on my own, but I did it without any problems. Either I am super brave or I'm just a masochist. Hey, it might be both! Eye drops make your vision go blurry and extra sensitive to light, so getting back to the flat was dangerous. Hilariously dangerous. I nearly got on the wrong bus, nearly bought a wrong card, bought chocolate, so I looked stoned with my big pupils and here's the awks moment - As I was crossing the road, the light blinded my already blurry vision, so I walked into the biggest, fluffiest dog known to man. Yes. That happened. I walked into a dog, who was very confused by the whole thing.


Toodles :)

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