Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Ménage Á Trois

*Waits for the disappointed faces who expect something kinky to be in this post*
Hi, Schneckens!
No, there is no ménage á trois. Is that the right sentence? It's merely a reference to Hollywood Undead's new album because that word features a lot; it's like the mickey 40 of the album.

Anyway, moving on from threesomes and whatnot, I can let out a sigh of relief because the presentation is finished. It went okay. Obviously we could have done better, but what can you do? My main achievement today, however, wasn't in the academic sense. It was realising that I have a really nice figure. In my costume, or array of potential costumes, I realised that I had curves in all the right places and that made me so happy. I felt confident in my body and I wanted to flaunt it to the world. Alas, I'm sure in front of the Drama class was enough. That was my highlight of the day, especially as I acted like a mini diva again and folk complimented the greatness of the outfit, so thanks Chantalle! Everyone did a smashing job with their presentations, so with that, I am out of here. I want to listen to more Undead and maybe consider a ménage á trois with Funny Man. Oh like I have to consider it!

Toodles :)

Monday, 30 March 2015

Music Monday [Guzzle, Guzzle]

Helloooo, Schneckens!
I have been eagerly awaiting for the new Hollywood Undead album and it is nearly upon me! Heard a preview of Guzzle, Guzzle and Funny Man continues to make my panties drop to the floor. But enough with my fantasies, I just discovered that my screenplay idea may be an original idea, so take that, everyone!

Anyway, let's Monday, shall we?!

Robots With Rayguns
Song I listened to: On The Groove: http://www.robotswithrayguns.com/#!music/c1yiz
The electronic synth beats were out of this world and brought an added flavour to this Monday, a wonderfully unique track. Bravo!

Jazz Mino
Song I listened to: Blue Eyes: https://youtu.be/f-s6a62ldwo
A beautiful, chill and spring track from the talented Jazz Mino. The song is cute and will be stuck on repeat for not just today, but the whole of spring! Lovely!

Sweet Suspense
Song I listened to: Here We Go Again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwgSovlZtOI
With a brilliant pop vibe that channels the likes of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, you can't help but fall for this song. The lyrics are cute and relatable; overall, a brilliant pop song! These ladies are destined for greatness!

Mary Desmond
Song I listened to: Dear Future Husband [Cover]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uO-0BlNpfdE
I'm not a big fan of the original, but hearing this cover was a pleasure. It was gentle and fresh and showed off Mary's vocals perfectly. Also, she maintained the fun factor throughout, which is always important! Wonderful!

Under A Banner
Song I listened to: The Network: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJRfq4JFY7c
With the news that Under A Banner are touring soon, I thought it would be grand to listen to their live stuff. Obviously hearing them live live would be awesome, but just to get a feel of their folkish and rocky tones, this is definitely the song to check out!

And that's it for this week. I need to write an essay and maybe have some chocolate milk. So see you next week for the next list - you bring the music!

Toodles :)

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Train Delays

Hi, Schneckens!
Quickie today as I have to complete my report for my module soon and I am knackered from travelling. Those train delays were exhausting!

I guess the main thing to discuss today would be train delays - Oh, God, that sounds awful. I'll see you tomorrow, yeah?

Toodles :)

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Rethink Mental Illness 2015

Hi, Schneckens!
Today was a phenomenal day! I attended the Rethink Mental Illness Event and I was surrounded by other key activists who all shared the same thing as me - we are all passionate about seeing a change in the way mental health is treated.

When I arrived, I was nervous; I have never been to an event like this before. Looking around, I believe I was the youngest person there and insecurities arose as I hadn't lived the lives these people had lived. But age did not matter for everyone of us had different experiences and I was honoured to get to hear about all the people I had met and how they had been personally affected by mental health. It took me a while to get into the swing of it as we all know I am an anxious soul in new surroundings, but after a sandwich and breaking the first barrier of simply saying something, it got easier. Little steps, after all!

My main reason for going to this today was to raise my argument that the education and treatment of mental health in schools needs to be improved greatly. Schools simply do not receive enough funding, so many students (and teachers) miss out on vital information, treatment and support they are entitled to. I speak from experience as a woman who has been out of secondary education for nearly a year and looking back realised that a lot of support and general understanding was lacking. I was so pleased to hear that other people shared this belief with me and I loved hearing what other people heard. The most reoccuring things was the stigma attached and is something I am also strongly passionate about. Mental health has a horrible stigma that makes it hard to speak about, which is why I try my best to be as open as possible, hence my blog posts on it. I know it helps people and that isn't being big headed, it's because it's been said to me by those who have at some point struggled and found comfort in the words I have said, which is the greatest thing I can hear from someone. That and you look nice today, but more important.

I also did a small speech that was recorded, all for education and treatment in schools. I was composed and I think I enlightened new people on Trichotillomania, which was a wonderful achievement for me! I was even complimented for what I was saying and how I was saying it - a huge confidence boost for me! It made me beam and I enjoyed every aspect of the day. I was also happy that I could make someone's day by revealing that since I've got more of a fight in me now than I did before - just because I live with mental health, doesn't mean I should suffer!

Overall, thank you to everyone involved and I cannot wait till the next one and my own little summer picnic!

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Toodles :)

Friday, 27 March 2015

My Seashore People

Hey, Schneckens!
A lot of this blog post will require further editing as the days progress, simply because I don't have my extension lead to upload a ton of pictures from today. So until then, enjoy these fun words that hopefully show you what an amazing day I had with my dear ol' Asian mom, Ruby K and sister, Tanaka! It was a day when I truly became a diva. As well as a princess. Maybe they are the same thing?

Today Myself, Ruby and Tanaka went on a daytrip. Not an ordinary daytrip, it was trip to East Croyden. So it's hardly fancy... Sorry, not sorry. We met at Central and were surprised with faces of our past. Tanaka and I had a good old laugh fest on the tube that I can't even remember what we were laughing at. I'm sure it involved men of some sort, because that seems to my schtick. At Victoria, we waited for our train. I seem to be the only who is a pro at these trains because I was able to get them on and off those trains with ease. With an added individual newspaper for the journey, which I think only Tanaka read I believe. Also, that was an expensive journey, so I was extremely pissed. So pissed in fact that I exclaimed multiple times during the whole process.

Then begun the task of finding the place. I was more interested in the trams though. So pretty. We don't have them anywhere I live, so anything different tends to excite me greatly. Yes, I am weird, but we've been here for over a year now, so surely that should be obvious. In fact I am so weird that I put chips in jam rolls. Anyway, back to the day. We found the place, but we were so early, so we ate some sweets - seemed fitting before a shoot. We felt like kids again. Kids who didn't know how the world works or how hard sweets can be, so things needed to be spat out a few times. Then I took a ride that only one could have dreamed of just a mere day ago...

When the joyride ended, we chilled, texted Pixie and found out that he was not cheating on me, but with his mother. Fair dos. Did he insult my Seashore People? Yes he did. How dare he?! Jokes on him, though, because I looked hot as lava today (which he admitted..so I win, right?) Yaassss, I looked good. We went to a photo shoot. So I had my hair and make up done. I wanted a sultry/sexy look and I think I got it, but with a touch of elegance. It was an incredible experience and I loved having my hair wavy for once. I felt like a princess.

We all felt like princesses. We all looked beautiful! The whole experience was superb. From the pina coladas to the princess crowns. We had three outfit changes - dresses; smart and casual. We were like a girl band. A sexy girl band. A sexy girl band where some of the members had a thing for the older gentleman and confused our dear photographer. He probably thought we were nuts. Let's face it, we are. Yet somehow we managed to look amazing doing it!

Overall, great day and it was made greater with McDonalds. Now I need to take off this make up because I have a huge day tomorrow.

Toodles :)

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Asian Mom + History = :/

Sup Schneckens!

How you doin? Sorry I have been watching way to many episodes of friends lately. So hai it's me Asian mom. It's been so long, my look how big you've grown last time I saw you, you were like this big *imitates the size of a baby* but you are all still so cute- I wanna pinch your cheeks.

So my little Schnecken is super tired today and with great reason! She had an vocal examination today. Not in a creepy sexual kind of way but drama kind of way. To be honest with you guys, I don't really know what this means but I'm sure she aced it.

So what's new today, well King Richard III was reburied today. That was an interesting watch. To say that I have no interest in History during my college days; this was quite the experience can I say experience even though I watched it TV?  Who knows. But I have to say the highlight of the whole event was when the man was giving eulogy they apparently got his birthday wrong and some other information wrong, which was funny as they showed the reaction of some historian and the look of disgust was perfect. I'm sorry Schneckens but I can give you any names I wasn't really paying that much attention.  I guess I'm just a poor student that can't even afford to pay attention.  *BOOM* The Trinity of YouTube would be proud of that one...... okay I'm sorry.

Anyway that's all I have time for you today I don’t really know how to end a post that is not a Music Monday so I guess I shall see you next time. Word to ya mother!

Toodles :)

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

What It Means To Be A Woman...

Hi, Schneckens!
Hope everyone is doing well? I have a headache, so avoid any unnecessary shouting and screaming and I'll be fine. Oddly, Dido is helping with this, so all praise Dido right now and Life For Rent!

I woke up today and read an email from 'Zoella' and it was a pleasure to read! I love hearing from her and it's wonderful keeping in touch with her, even if I am no longer there. I always miss her when I'm in Drama, so hearing from her makes me smile. But in her email, and this is no criticism, the "sex god" was mentioned - obviously I mentioned him in the last email and how we're just friends now and we've been helping each other a lot with each other's problems. Yet this does not mean anything. This doesn't necessarily mean that love will blossom between us nor does it mean that love should blossom between a man and a woman. This got me thinking, so a big applaud for Zoella in getting me to think so early in the day!

I don't need a man to be happy. There, I said it. There was a time I believed I did and that is partly my fault and the surroundings I grew up in, particularly my late teen years. I thought that there had to be a man to complete an equation, which would ultimately make me happy. I watch those stupid rom-coms; see loved up couples all around me; I listen to the wrong person and ignore me and I am a smart lady who knows what is right...most of the time. I feel like I should stand up on the biggest chair ever and announce this: A man and a woman can be friends without any romantic intentions. And most importantly - I will never date a man who can't respect me in the way I deserve because men and women deserve the same levels of respect. The oldest argument is why is a man praised for the amount of people he beds, but a woman is shamed?

It feels like sometimes we need to remind people that women are more than just a vagina. We don't need to be wooed into bed or wine and dined to validate ourselves. Yet all those magazines, shows and stuff keep saying something entirely different. I don't need no man! If I have to be with a man who treats me like a cheap sex doll, what exactly is that proving? That I'm worthless? I'm here for sex? My looks overshadow my personality? I won't let history repeat itself! The whole 'Giraffe' thing opened my eyes to how much women feel like a love story must happened and glorify the idea without any consideration to reality. Yes, he has shown emotion, but unless he's a sociopath, he is meant to. Does that excuse his treatment to women? No. He's still the same person, I just see a different side to him that is more endearing than the other. I find it absurd that the moment a man shows a bit of emotion, we all go weak to the knees, just because society puts the idea in our head.

That's not exactly incorrect though, is it? Women are given ticking clocks - we need a man before we're no longer deemed wanted. Women don't get the equal attention in the work place - we need a man to boss a woman about because it's a man's world out there. Women are told that they are princesses from young ages that need to wait for their Prince Charming - what if we don't want that? Why does he need to save me? Why not I save him? Or better still, no one needs saving, but we just get along with a sexual chemistry and boom? Women are told what to dress and get blamed if they are attacked for leading them on - apparently a man has the complete right to do what he wants to another human being's body even if she says no.

Now let's flip it - men need to find the right woman because he needs to carry on the family tree. Men need to pay the bills to appear strong and manly. Men are told to be princes and save a princess. Men are portrayed as monsters and those who say 'not all men...' are slammed. Yet this doesn't get mentioned in the same way as a woman and that's the worst thing. A woman's life seems to be decided for her before she is even born and that just isn't fair.

Toodles :)

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

How Music Can Save Us

Good day, my dear Schneckens!
Hope everything is well? As you can probably tell, I am in a wonderful mood today and it isn't because I am on the 'happy pills'. They do help, though. No, it is because I said 'no'. Last night I found an old suicide note that I wrote back in September and it scared me - in the grand scheme of things, September wasn't that long away, but it's considered to be well in my past at the moment thanks to my treatment. I had a lot of feelings when I saw it, shock and lowness really - it doesn't matter how strong a human is, when you see that vulnerable side of you, clearly in black and white, it makes you think. Nonetheless, I didn't slip up and I stayed strong and that is why I am in a wonderful mood today!

With this in mind, I started thinking about music because that's an obvious thinking process! To be fair, at the time, I was listening to Hollywood Undead and a lot of their songs have captured what I feel or have felt in my life. Their song S.C.A.V.A. and Bullet both represented a time in my life when I just didn't have the strength to continue and I felt like I was ready to just give up. Likewise, their song Outside reminds me of that lonely time in my life and that constant need to be let and to let people into my life, which is easier said than done. But before you start thinking that their songs just bring out my depressed side, the songs brought out my sexual awakening that really allowed me to embrace my femininity, which let's face it, in society isn't exactly welcomed, it's great that songs like Pigskin, Comin' In Hot and Le Deux allow me to be a woman - free and sexy. We deserve to feel sexy too, you know! Some people may argue and say that Hollywood Undead's songs don't exactly embrace females as their lyrics can be a tad degrading, which I accept, but I try to see a different light to it - sometimes we need to find the good in things, especially if it is a banging tune and it does help me!

I don't always listen to Hollywood Undead, but when I do, I listen hard. Sorry, I felt like the meme should have been referenced. A lot of my music is a lot more dark than chirpy, but it's because I like to feel things when I listen to my music. Hurts always touches me - their songs Blind and Help soothed me during a time when I felt pain from a heartbreak that we all know about and I had to endure the agony of seeing him with another woman. Eek, that was a painful time. But that's why the songs saved me; I knew this pain wouldn't last forever and I could eventually find solace. Sure it took a hella long time, but it eventually happened. Sometimes the dark songs really help with those feelings and that's why Music Monday is a wonderful experience for me; I get to find hidden gems from artists I never knew about, who capture exactly what I am thinking and feeling.

So you don't all think I am gloomy, everyone needs a bit of Kylie in their lives. When guys get me down or when life punches you in the lady balls if you are a female friend like me. When you hear those sexy songs, you feel sexy. It's lovely for a woman to openly discuss sex and it's about time too! Why should we repress our sexual desires?! Kylie's songs really give me confidence and there is nothing more uplifting than binging on Ed Sheeran, who breaks our hearts and makes us feel alive with our human emotion, then listen to Kylie and do the Locomotion. Oh gosh, Ed Sheeran though! When I listen to him, I feel the world caress my skin and star dust falls from the sky and brightens the darkness that is my life. Beautiful.

Yes, that is music and how it saves me. How does it save you? Music is life and life is okay sometimes!

Toodles :)

Monday, 23 March 2015

Music Monday [Challenge Accepted]

Afternoon, dear Schneckens!
Here I am, early and on a Monday. Crazy, huh?! I am hungry and have a sudden craving for chicken. But I have mince, so what can we do.. I got little sleep tonight because Pixie opened up again and it was intense, sorta. I can't keep up with this man sometimes.

Anyway, let's get some mince and let's Monday, shall we?!

Jazz Mino
Song I listened to: Budapest [Cover]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EvGVxG18Gs
Covers are usually hits and misses because the original is hard to beat. However, if you think that, you've obviously not heard Jazz Mino! Her unique vocals and style make this a brilliant cover and certainly one to beat the original. Bravo!

Hentai Babies
Song I listened to: Bubblegum: https://soundcloud.com/hentaibabies/bubblegum
Upbeat and lively - you certainly need a long like this in your lives, especially on the dreaded Monday! But this song makes you feel great with it's beats, so check it out for a kick up the butt on a Monday morning, or afternoon if you're me and need to get to an afternoon lecture!

Trapdoor Social
Song I listened to: Love Comes Again: https://soundcloud.com/trapdoorsocial/love-comes-again
This song came on straight after Bubblegum and I froze. Not because it's cold in here - I'm in bed and it is so toasty. It was because it was so stunning and it captured every feeling I had at this moment. This is a lyrical masterpiece and I can only thank Trapdoor Social for making this sublime piece of music! Thank you!

Hamish Anderson
Song I listened to: Burn: https://soundcloud.com/hamishandersonmusic/burn-1
Ooooh. That was my first reaction. My second reaction was cranking up the volume. I was not expected such rough, retro and, dare I say it, sexy vocals. The vocals, along with the guitar riffs and lyrics, made this song standout and leagues ahead of its time. Brilliant!

Song I listened to: Vamala: https://soundcloud.com/champschampschamps/vamala
Among all the beats and electronics, there is a beautiful peaceful aura in this song that makes it impossible to feel calm or happy with life. Certainly one of their best tracks to date!

The Black and The White
Song I listened to: Torn Up: https://soundcloud.com/theblackandthewhite/torn-up
This song just popped up, or better still, Torn Up... I'll stop now because that was a shit pun. Seriously though, what a funky, upbeat song to spice up Monday. Best surprise of the day so far!

Hidden Charms
Song I listened to: It's Time: https://soundcloud.com/hiddencharms/itstime
Another ooooh moment! Maybe I'm just in an ooooh mood. This had a retro, Rolling Stones kinda vibe that had me hooked from the very start. A wonderful surprise and now we know why they're called Hidden Charms!

J. R. Byrd
Song I listened to: Wait For Me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3qquEqY3s8
What a gentle and meaningful song. Among all the up-tempo and rocky numbers, it's great to take a breather with a song like this. It touches you in all the right places and makes you feel all heavenly. Okay, that sounds wrong.. You get my point though, right?

Our Great Lifeboat
Song I listened to: Satisfied: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_waTClS-3VA
Those intense beats, vocals and lyrics really struck me. Completely relatable to anyone who listens and it's a pleasure to experience. Such a simple, yet effective song that totally captures the feelings of people!

Magic Giant
Song I listened to: Let It Burn: https://soundcloud.com/magicgiant/sets/magic-giant-3-free-songs
Right from the start there was a Mumford and Sons vibe and that was insane to listen to! But they're not a copy cat band, in fact, they stand out independently and raise the fire in my heart! What a perfect song that suits any occasion and totally uplifting. Sublime!

Well, we did it! I did 10 artists, a big feat for this tired schnecken! I am so happy with that support and hopefully with Easter on the way, things will get more lively! So see you next week for the next list - you bring the music!

Toodles :)

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Let's Make A Deal...

Evening, Schneckens.
Firstly, the blog blew up out of no where and at some point, whilst I was napping and decorating, the USA decided to view the blog 168 times in a single hit. Thanks, my American chums! Secondly, most of my decorating woes are coming to an end; I think I have thrown out everything that needs to be thrown out. Thirdly, cherry lip balm tastes hideous.

So, quick post because this woman is stressed to the max and needs a decent night's sleep for University tomorrow! Tomorrow, Music Monday should return - BUT, I need help. If I can get 10 artists, it'll definitely happen, but you need to suggest them to me. Tweet me, Facebook me or whatever, just help. Music Monday should bring us all together and I can't carry all the shopping on my own at the moment when the car is not working.

Finally, I will make this week more special. I will get it out on time and I'll do themes that have shown popularity. So Paolo, Ed, YouTube and Music fans, this week is your week. Just PLEASE tell me what you want!

Toodles :)

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Decorating Woes

Hello, Schneckens!
Forgot where I was for a minute. I need to just speed things along because the paint smells. So see you soon!

Toodles :)

Friday, 20 March 2015

Pink Lasagna

Sup, Schneckens!
That solar eclipse was something, amiright? Yeah, it was - it was hidden behind typical English weather! Damn clouds ruining a spectacular moment! It was still pretty cool though being there with other eager folk. I do love a moon.

So let's discuss my last minute Wednesday. Well, Luton failed, so let's not even bother discussing that because I've just had egg on toast, so I don't want to get grumpy again over money woes. It's being sorted, so fear not, schneckens. Instead, I used my morning in an unexpected way by travelling to London Bridge for a job interview. I don't think it went well. I feel like I came across too pretentious and snobbish that they probably didn't warm to me. Jokes on them because I am awesome. So that was my morning sorted - I also "lost" my keys, but that resolved itself by the night.

Since my Asian mom and I were going to meet up anyway, we decided to go ahead with that plan still. We met at Victoria and, still, the station is not as sexy as I portrayed it in 'So Um Pouco'. I blame the absence of Tomás. But the train journey was fun as we made our way to Fultham Broadway and had the greatest lunch ever in the cafe Labi's. We had beef lasagna, with rosemary potatoes and pomegranate yoghurt, which just tasted like beetroots - something I continuously crave. Ruby wasn't a fan, but I loved the yoghurt and I continued to pour it on my lasagna until it turned pink and became the most girly thing I have ever eaten. For dessert we had red velvet cupcakes and my god, foodgasm! Don't fuck the Portuguese Guy, but do eat the red velvet cupcake! I wish there was more of the cake, but I think the cupcake was a perfect size following a big carbalicious lunch. It was also reasonably priced the whole thing. It wasn't cheap since we were in a very classy area of London, so costly, but with a discount, we did alright. Perks of being a student, I guess. The staff were also the most friendliest stuff I have ever come across and I just want to throw glitter at them because they are so wonderful, but that would be messy. So instead I'll just have my birthday there. I also "scared" Ruby when she came out of the bathroom. Hehe.

The magical day concluded with a trip to Stratford. We got the train and discussed a range of topics, from that Legally Blind video to periods. We may have freaked out those around us. Nevertheless, with M&Ms in our stomachs, we were grand. Once we got to Stratford, I thought I saw Pixie. It looked strikingly like him, but after hours of texting, I can confirm it wasn't. Whoever this guy was, he dropped his Greggs' roll and ate it, so good job, mystery guy. The two of us went to the Disney store for old time's sake and it still looks the same as when we last went. No changes there, then. But big change for me as I went to Primark without any issues and we bought clothes for our upcoming photoshoot. Amazing. More about that in the next week or so. The rest of Westfield was just Victoria Secret and blowing bubbles - not in VS, by the way. Then we went on different tubes and the world felt weird. But that might have been the pink lasagna..

Toodles :)