Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Types of Couples

Hello, dear Schneckens!
This evening I shall be at the theatre to watch a modern adaption of Antigone. Ah, Antigone. Not my favourite Greek play, but alas, one must analysis it for the sake of a pass and a shot of academic success. Plus, night out for me! Woo, socialising! Well, kinda. Woo, going out for the night!

So February ends this week. Finally. I don't like a month that has only 28 days, it's messy compared to the others - although, I will credit the fact that it looks perfect on the calender this year! However, my blog has done great this month, so cheers all round! I'll even stop being pessimistic to couples and embrace the fact that February probably saw a new wave of couples emerge - all you Valentine romantics! Nonetheless, the party never ends, so let's see what kind of couples are out there and whether you and your partner is in this non finalised list - let's face it, Part 2s came come anytime!

Types of Couples:

The In Your Face Couple ~ Whether it's online and clogging up your news feed or in the public space you've unfortunately had to share, they're just all up in your grill with their love and public displays of affection. Love is a beautiful thing, yes, but not when it's sucking the face of another human being when you're trying to eat your ham sandwich.

The Honeymoon Stagers ~ They seem so inseparable, so in love and so in tune with each other that you can almost see their hearts intertwine. They also probably just got together and haven't yet discovered that leaving their apple cores lying around griddles your sausage and is enough of a reason to commit murder.

The Twins ~ Seriously, why are you dressing the same? Being in a relationship doesn't mean you lose your identity. So stop with matching accessories and dance like no one's watching - okay, I don't know what that has to do with anything, but still.

The Drunk In Love ~ They drink a lot, that's how they work so well.

The See-Saws ~ One minute they're up and totally in love, the next they want to kill each other with a single glare. Yikes!

The 'We're Not Dating, We're Just Friends' ~ Yeah, and I'm not planning on eating those jar of cookies when I get back tonight and I'm not planning to listen to the Tomás voice notes again because I like the way he says 'yes' and I'm not aroused by it at all. Nope. Not. At. All. #dontfucktheportugueseguy!

The Airplane Runway ~ Well, they're not a couple, per say, they just have a lot of sex. Have they confirmed their relationship? There's a lot of sex that's all we need to establish.

The Atomic Bomb ~ A lot of tension between these two and it'll drop onto civilization one day and the effects will be deadly. Note: don't diddle your best friend's partner or don't call your partner's friends fit, hot or anything like that.

The Showbiz Duo ~ Everything is so false between these two that it's almost perfect. Good for them!

The Odd Couple ~ Everything is so mix matched between these two that it is completely perfect. Opposites attract, I guess!

Aaaaand finally, The Runner Beans ~ They've been going strong for ages now and everyone just looks at awe at these two, wanting to replicate the love they have for each other! Such a healthy couple!

Aww, the love is so real right now. Well, I'm gazing adoringly at my cookie jar right now. That's my love at the moment!

Toodles :)

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