Thursday, 5 February 2015

Time To Talk Day 2015

Hello, Schneckens!
I am in Bathway looking at lighting because I am the cool kid. I am also trying to work out mathematical equations because... well, I don't actually know why. Bare with me, bare withs.

So yesterday I went to visit Ruby in Luton, she greeted me lovingly at the station and she whisked me away into a magical place. I'll tell you the details tomorrow. The main reason I was there was of course to discuss mental health on their radio show. It was a wonderful to be apart of their radio show and I am officially a member of the team - so woos all round! It was also an honour to be able to discuss mental health and in particular, what today is.

So what is today? Today is Time To Talk Day and it is a day where people around the UK will hopefully talk about mental health. I did a 5 minute video doing just that, which I had to upload onto YouTube in order for all you lovely schneckens to see it! It's private though, so a link is necessary. Here it is:
In this video I talk about how mental health has affected my life, some content is difficult for me to share as is it is for people to hear. But I try to keep everything positive because just because I live with mental health doesn't mean I should have to suffer. None of us do. So talking about it helps break the stigma around it and helps people realise that we are no different to anyone else; that mental health is just as valid as a physical disease and that we deserve to be treated equally just like anyone else.

Today we release the results of our biggest ever survey into the state of mental health stigma

Some people may not like talking, which is fine, it's a difficult thing to do when you think about it, but listening is just as important. Listen to someone as they talk to you and understand more about it. Another thing you can do that is just as important is research on mental health; there are plenty of websites and resources out there that inform you about what today is; how you can get involved and what exactly are the aims for mental health charities. Don't just sit around and ignore it, thinking that just because you may not be directly affected by it that you shouldn't have to care. Mental health is an important thing and needs to be addressed and most importantly, more people need to speak about it in order to break the stigma around it. We can achieve this together!

Toodles :)

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