Friday, 20 February 2015

Soupy Friday: Rusty Vagina

Helloooo, Schneckens!
Have you heard the new Hollywood Undead song, Usual Suspects? No? Well here you go! Contains Funny Man and an epic chorus!

So yesterday was amazing! From eBay successes (won a tortoise and theodolite); prop hunting adventures; cakes; 90s fun and quizzes, I can't help but smile at what  a wonderful day it was. Wednesday was pretty wonderful as well - so welcome to this edition of Soupy Friday and even though I couldn't eat any meat that day, the day was juicy and full of protein? What am I doing with life?

Okay, so I wore liquid eyeliner that day and now I am certain it is the devil's spawn because I never want to wear it again. I suck at it, guys. I suck. Lips were on point though, so it's cool. The train journey was a lot smoother than last time, getting there and back, because I actually knew what I was doing this time; left at sensible times so no running and apart from me standing at the wrong platform on the way back for ten minutes, I managed to get back in good time. Plus, the seats were comfortable and I read on the train; go, me!

When I got to Luton, I was greeted by my Son, Ruby F and her partner, Adam. The excitement was real for me because I finally heard my son for the first time - the ears are syringed! What a moment for this Mama! I pretty much know my way round their town now, so I could probably get to that Uni on my own, but that would be boring and weird. More weird than someone leaving just one baked bean on the plate. That's more sad though. Poor bean. That was in the Uni by the way, not just on the streets; Luton isn't that trashy - I mean, no, it's not. I did not just insult Luton. Noooo. No, no, no.

I was in a lot of denial that day about a ton of things and this is the main one. Sit back, folks and Ruby and Co get ready again:
"We were doing cocaine and when the cocaine had left our systems, I jumped out of the window, when I had become so numb and I was free fallin', so now I'm dancing with wolves."
Yes. That happened. Unscramble it yourselves. It involves me climbing down a drainpipe, prickly bushes and potential rust in my vagina that would probably require a tetanus shot. Not in the vagina though. Hopefully. Oh god.

Anyway, the actual radio show was pretty sick as usual, got Hollywood Undead on there and Adam is near his 20th week in a row doing it. Plus, it's a big ol' family at the moment, so whilst we were not talking on air, we were all talking together; mainly about the whole story I continued to share. I kept it up for so long that I deserve an award. I did get pasta and nice juice though, plus a shit load of advice. Therefore my trip to Luton this time was both emotional and rusty.

Toodles :)

Oh and here are some pics from last night. It was a 90s fundraiser, I was meant to be Britney, but hey, I ain't got time for that. So instead I came as someone from the collapsed USSR because that happened in the 90s, hence the #USSR 'tattoos' on people. I'm not weird or spreading political messages, I was just in character that expanded into the whole night. Awks. #Britney, I guess.

Toodles...Again :)

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