Friday, 6 February 2015

Soupy Friday: The Luton Special

Thank you, Schneckens!
Thank you for being awesome and for your support with everything I have been doing with mental health. Today my video was played to the sixth formers during their PSD lessons and I was so gosh damn proud. I wanted to share that with you and to offer you a jelly baby before I eat them all. Why the hell did I open them?!

"Um, what the hell is Soupy Friday?!" I hear you ponder. Well my dear Schneckens, it is officially my new fortnightly segment where I discuss my trips to Luton. If you've been eating jelly babies these past few days, you would've missed that I went to Luton to be on the University of Bedfordshire student radio with my Son, who is part of 'The No Nickleback Guarantee Show'. I am now a member of the team and every 2 weeks I will be there, discussing the blog or whatever is relevant in my mental health project.

So here is the first Soupy Friday. Firstly, it's called 'soupy' because Ruby and her boyfriend Adam lovingly prepared me dinner. It was pasta, with chicken soup. If you've never tried this combination before you have never lived because it is actually awesome. The whole trip there was awesome to be honest. It was fun leaving London for a few hours and I love a good train journey. Plus, I went passed the legendary Luton Airport so I was ecstatic! When I arrived at the station, my dear old son was waiting for me and she ran to me the moment I walked through the gates. It was a beautiful moment. Almost as beautiful as me saying 'Hai Adam' to him in real life. Yes, it happened. Then they took me on a quick tour - well, by tour, they took me through the Mall. They have a Mall. Whoa. It was such a nice Mall, it is huge compared to Walthamstow's and Greenwich doesn't even have one! Leaving the Mall, as you can imagine, was heartbreaking, but I did get a free hot chocolate thanks to Adam's skills. By skills, I mean he can engage in a social conversation without mentioning a dick in order to score free stuff. That folks is a skill we can all strive for!

Then it was showtime, or close-ish to showtime. I was given a quick briefing about what not to do on air and it was mainly don't swear or mention politics. Fair enough. I wonder if Russian words count? Let's ponder that for 2 weeks.. THEN it was showtime. Oh and Ehsan was another member of the team who seemed hella nice and friendly. The show was an amazing experience and I really felt like I fitted in wonderfully. Plus, my voice isn't THAT bad. Yes, achievements! The achievements were so great that I truly earned that soupy pasta. Also, shout out to Ruby's tidy bedroom; Mama proud you tidied at the last minute. Yes, we parents know the tricks of the trade!

Bye Bye, Eltham!


And helloooo, Luton!


Like Mama...

...Like Son!



Toodles :)

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