Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Should You Suck It And See?

Hi, Schneckens!
Fancy seeing you so early. I decided that I wanted to make use of my Wednesday and do a bunch of stuff I've been putting off; therefore, I wrote this last night whilst listening to Jessie Ware because she makes me cry.

Now let's get down to business, shall we? It's Valentine's Day on Saturday and for, what I can imagine, a lot of people will be contemplating whether or not to ask someone out or reveal their true feelings. Whoa. No notes? Jeez, that's really love. Sorry, I kinda figured that I'm allowed to bring up tinges of Note Gate because it's funny when I take the piss out of it..You can't, sorry. Anyway, yes, so there's going to be a lot of inner battles with yourself. But for all those folk, like me (seriously), who don't give a shittles about Valentine's Day (seriously, I'm here for comedy and chocolates), yet are still battling with themselves, what I will discuss will still very much relate to you.

Whenever I am faced with a tough decision or opportunity that I'm being held back from by dear ol' anxiety, I think of two songs. The first song is Watsky's 'Right Now', a song that reminds everyone to live in the now. The other song is the Arctic Monkeys' 'Suck It and See', a song that is beautifully telling you to do it before it's too late. I always go with the latter. I mean, if you've not heard it (whaaaat?!) here is the song:

The lyrics are perfect because it really makes you think about that thing you want in life - whether it be that person you're fond of or that job you've been chasing. Sometimes in life you have to, well, suck it and see. Yes, it will be furking scary and yes, you may get rejected. But if you never try, how will you know? With every chance of failure, there is an equal chance you may actually succeed, yet in our minds, we always jump to the negative conclusions. One person I used to go to sixth form with always used to go with the negative option because if it did fail, she would't get hurt. But isn't constantly telling yourself you will fail or it won't work just making things worse? I mean, imagine constantly putting yourself down over something you actually want. If you keep doing it, eventually you just won't bother because you'll be too afraid to. Sometimes we need to realise that yes, failure is something that can happen, but so is success and with failure, you no longer have anything to be afraid of anymore.

As Alex Turner croons on the track: "Suck it and see, you never know. Sit next to me before I go." You never know. What a fitting line for life. My biggest mistakes in life was not taking those chances, I mean, what if I went to those radio workshops! Then again, when I did take the plunge, like going to the TeachMeet last week, I was so happy! Basically, yes, life is scary and throws scary things at you, but don't hide. This Valentine's Day, tell someone how you feel. When you have a job interview, go and blow them away. You might fail, but equally you might succeed. Suck it and see. You never know...

Toodles :)

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