Friday, 13 February 2015

Saucy Friday: 50 Shades Of Shit

Hello, Schneckens!
I say keep this intro brief because I have tons to complain about with regards to the 50 Shades of Grey movie that was released today. I just ate some pizza and I'm raring to go!

Firstly, my biggest gripe with the film/book and why I detest it the most is how it is essentially glamorising abuse. During any forms of S&M/BDSM activities, the safe word and respect are the most important elements that need to be honoured. Both these usually come hand in hand and failing to include them is breaching the BDSM conduct and is no longer considered safe, sane and consensual. This then turns into something hideous and that is assault. BDSM, when done correctly, is a beautiful, pleasurable and wonderful thing that can be equally as intimate as sexual intercourse. In the book, the character Christian Grey ignores Ana Steele's safe word, therefore he has broken the trust and failed to honour her respect and has assaulted her. There is NOTHING romantic about that!

Secondly, he manipulates her, indicating yet another form of abuse. He uses emotional blackmail and at one point says that he wants her to remember that she is his. He tracks her phone, finds where she works (turns up unexpected) and lets himself into her home and bedroom. The whole S&M relationship is not an accurate representation of what a sadomasochist relationship is! There is a dominant and submissive partner, but both are mutually respecting of this. In 50 Shades, however, he'll tenderly kiss her once and push her away afterwards. That's not S&M, that's abuse. He isolated her from her family and gave her a computer and car to track her. He chooses what she wears, who she sees and that what she must do. How is this romantic or even erotic?

Finally, and this is more lighthearted than the previous two points, but a very valid point - She was a virgin when she met him, yet she climaxes all the time and numerous times during one - romp, shall we call it? First timers, the first time is not going to make the world beneath you shake. It's not always terrible, but I can almost guarantee you, especially women like young Ana, you will not climax that easily. Hell, the most experienced women don't, let alone all the time. I understand that this tripe is labelled as 'entertainment', but come on, a virgin having a world shook every time? And apparently she has never even masturbated before, making the odds for an orgasm on the first go even more unlikely. Not only is this film/book offensive to the BDSM community, glamourising abuse, it is also so unrealistic that it is actually laughable.

So that's why I won't be watching it or putting any money into this trash!

Toodles :)

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