Sunday, 22 February 2015

Review: Cafe Bohemia

Hi, Schneckens!
How was your Sunday? Mine was rather swell - watched Bake Off (the Zoella episode!) and had a lovely dinner with the folks. We also had to clean my cupboards, so I threw out a lot of stuff. I also ripped up and spat on Giraffe's card because he doesn't deserve my love or respect anymore. Whoa, what a deep weekend.

So on Friday, Ruby K and I went on a magical journey to Hackney. Me in Hackney? Crazy, I know. I had to go on my own and my threats to Ruby, if anything happened to me, was that she would be banned from my funeral and replaced with Pixie/"Sex God". That is now how I threaten her. Alas, everything was fine. We had to go to Cafe Bohemia to watch a wonderful array of musicians, including regular feature - Alex Cambridge. When we arrived, we we're struck by how quaint the venue was. The set was wonderful and captured a lovely homely feeling. Although, it did feel a tad hispter, but with my wonderful penguin hat, I guess we were at home with the hipsterness!

As we waited for the musicians to begin, we were treated to their sound checks. Yet, this made it hard to distinguish when the actual show was beginning and surpassed the stated time in the invitation that stated it would start at 7:30pm. Nonetheless, when the show did start, we were treated to a bit of country, rock indie. I related to the first act because she sung about guys that screwed her over. Fitting giving how awful my love life has been! Plus, she gave us free candy from the States. Success. Next act was a brother duo - Jake and Lucas Gordon. Their biggest strength was in their song titles that Ruby credited as good titles. Their lyrics and sounds blended in perfectly and whilst the mic went walkies, they acted professionally and produced a wonderful set.

Then came the star we were all waiting for - Alex Cambridge! Her set was truly moving and emotional and as a young Drama student, I couldn't help but place her songs in scenes I could create. That's a good thing, by the way! Her lyrics always make me teary, especially Nostalgia and Balloons; both songs had me reflecting on my life and what I want to do with it. But of course, my standout had to be Love Song #10 - I'm always a sucker for a heartbreak song, but this one had something different about it. Maybe it was the fact it's name hasn't been decided yet or because it was performed live, but it had a quality that cannot be expressed into words, but only appreciation for moving one's self.

Eventually, Ruby and I had to leave because it was late and we were hungry, so we treated ourselves to a burger and chips, before her brother kindly drove me home. Wonderful night - a roaring success for everyone there!

Toodles :)

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