Monday, 2 February 2015

Music Monday [My Apologies]

Hi Schneckens.
Today was an okay today. Had my CBT session and it was very beneficial for me. Plus, dinner was actually amazing; chicken, wedges and vegetables!

However, I also had a few downs. Firsty, Pixie really pissed me off; he messages me and that was great. But the moment he gets whay he wants, he goes cold. Not in sexual way, those days are gone. No, we were talking about tattoos and I said one day we should meet up and I can show the future tattoos on me. He responded with "we'll see." Dude, really. So what, no more sex and you're done with me? Listen, mate, I'm the best friend you could possibly want, don't be a dick.

Now where is the music? Well, I'm having terrible problems with my ears atm. They're in a lot of pain and I can't listen to music without it hurting. So I need to miss this week. But music should still be loved, so send me songs you love and artists you want to share, just like it was in the early music Mondays. Please help me during this difficult time!

Toodles :)

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