Monday, 9 February 2015

Music Monday [Best Of Jay Z]

Hellooo, Schneckens.
How you doing this Monday? You good? I'm not so good because I'm a tad unwell, which is incredibly annoying. But oh well, what's the worst that could happen! I mean, I'm already sick, so bring on the toasted sandwiches!

Before I start with my Music Monday this week, let's recap with the Grammy Awards. Well, it was okay, congrats to Sam Smith and all that. But the real winner had to be Jay Z for his brilliant reaction to Kanye West when he thought he was about to do a Kanye and make a bigger ass of himself than he usually does. I don't know how vines work, so he's a link:

So let's Monday, shall we?!

Emma ♀
Song I listened to: Hickeys From God:
Her voice was enchanting and it left me speechless with chills all over my birthday. The way she sung her perfect lyrics was effortless and I couldn't help but feel lost within this beautiful story that
she sings for us. Perfection!

Marcella Camargo
Song I listened to: A Chama Verde:
Now this is different to what I put in Music Monday - a lovely bit of Brazilian music that was so soulful and was full of passion. I loved hearing her sing because it was so refreshing to hear another language; you may not understand it, but just the way she sings it really tells you a lot!

Song I listened to: Turn It Up:
It's sick, current and gives your Monday a kick. You will become instantly hooked to this song, singing along, trying to be as cool. It is equally as refreshing to hear a woman rap effortlessly, so this is a sublime song to check out!

Song I listened to: The Medal [Cover]:
This was utterly slick that left me completely amazed at this fine lady's divine skills. She has a talent that is ready to take over the music world. Her music gives off star quality: the production is incredible, as are her vocals and lyrics she raps. Wonderful!

Mirror Kisses
Song I listened to: Keep A Secret:
The electro vibe was a surprising addition to this week's list. I found myself wanting to get up and dance and that itself is a beautiful thing. This song can be played whenever, wherever; so get listening because this song is out of this world! This song can't be kept a secret for much longer!

And there we go! I tried putting on eyeliner and clearly failed. So I'll see you next week for a special addition of Music Monday - you bring the music!

Toodles :)

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