Saturday, 14 February 2015

Happy Camp Takota Day!

Some call it Valentine's Day, myself and others call it Camp Takota Day.
Hi, Schneckens!
Hope you've had a good day whatever you've been up to. Today was amazing for me. Normally I hate this day because seeing overly affectionate couples make me want to punch a lot of bananas. Yet this year was great. I spent it with my Asian mom, Ruby K! We went to McDonald's and it has become so high tech; imagine Argos, but with Big Macs instead of doll houses. The food was its typically delightful self and the service was unusually good - they took out trays! It was either kindness or Valentine's pity.

After a quick stop in the 99p store, we graced the rain to get back to my place. The rain was so bad that Ruby had transformed into Weird Al. My god, that was actually a beautiful site! Almost as beautiful as a cheap box of chocolates, smarties and minion sweets. Yes, as in Despicable Me. Delicious.

Then it was film time. The moment the film came on we screamed with pure glee. Seeing the Trinity together in such a well put together project was incredible! Even though I've seen it plenty a time before, I still reacted as if it was a brand new experience. From cheering, swooning and laughing, it was a wonderful experience I could share with my greatest Valentine, Ruby. Plus Chris Ridell, who appeared sexier this year. Ah what a day!

Now I'm off to chill and eat!

Toodles :)

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