Tuesday, 17 February 2015

11 Signs That The Socially Awkward Guy Doesn't Like You

Whaaaaat up, Schneckens!
What a day; I had to prop hunt and that involves searching for tortoises. Crazy. A good day though. I went meat crazy today since it's Ash Wednesday tomorrow. I really want meat. And cookies. Separate, obvs.

I continue the them of social awkwardness, but now I let you all know whether that socially awkward guy definitely doesn't like you or is just so socially awkward that he can't show this affections clearly. Yes. I can finally put that knowledge to good use; so let's check it out, shall we?!

11 Signs That The Socially Awkward Guy Doesn't Like You:

1. He avoids you like you just crapped yourself and the smell just keeps lingering ~ Yes, such a graphic description, but that's how much he is disgusted by the idea of you liking him. Well, not disgusted by that per say, more like he's disgusted that he's not mature enough to deal with this in a responsible way. Hell, you should be disgusted with that! But he's socially awkward, so it's understandable.

2. He won't let you sit/stand/hover around him ~ If there was a table and there were only 2 free seats - one by you and one by the toilet that someone left an explosive turd in, he would probably sit on the turd filled toilet just to stay away from you. Jeez, that's extreme..

3. He runs away from you ~ And no, you're not playing It or any game like that. In fact, you're in some sort of business meeting and he sees you approach him and boom, he runs out into a turd - okay, stop with the turds!

4. He says you smell like a turd ~ In the playground that means he likes you. In the real world, that was his attempts at saying something nice to you to remind you that he is both nice and socially awkward and that you're best staying away from him... Or he's telling you that you smell and you should probably invest in some good soap.

5. He doesn't text you or reply to your witty texts ~ And you spent forever trying to think of a Star Wars joke, only to find out he likes Star Trek. Dammit.

6. He doesn't spend time with you after hours ~ What do you mean you don't want to watch Star Wars with me?! Oh yeah, you like Star Trek.. Dammit!

7. He tells you that he's allergic to hugs ~ Well not everyone's hugs. Just yours. Your hug will most definitely kill him.

8. He won't let you win during video games ~ If he liked you, he'd let you win at least some of the times, but he doesn't, so he killed you off as soon as the game started. He's virtually avoiding you now. Ouch.

9. He forgets your name ~ Then feel bad about it afterwards, so he'll just feel guilty during the next awkward conversation you have together.

10. He is dating someone who makes him happy and comfortable with who he is ~ And no, it's not you.

11. He tells you...Eventually ~ Hopefully face to face and not through a note. Either way, it takes a lot for the socially awkward guy, so don't hate him too much. Unless he acted in a totally horrible way or I don't know, told his friend to sneak it in your bag and never officially apologise for it.

And there you go, folks! It must be hard for him, so cut him some slack. It must be hard not to be able to feel the same way and know he'll hurt you. Try to be understanding. Unless he really does act in an awful way or approaches it in a horrible way. Trust me on that, Note Gate has scarred me! It won't be that bad for you though. Hopefully. If it is, *hugs* That's how he ended it. Eurgh. I'll get the sandwiches. Also, don't fuck the Portuguese Guy as a result of this. No one is worth that amount of pain or PPVA. I speak the truth.

Toodles :)

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