Wednesday, 4 February 2015

11 Signs That The Socially Awkward Girl Likes You

Sup, Schneckens!
Today I am going to Luton to see my Son (Ruby F) and be on the radio. Whoa, so much excitement. That sounded a tad sarcastic, but I was being serious.. But yes, I am very excited, despite the intense pain in my ear that makes me want to punch a wall. Seriously, it hurts so much today; I don't think I can wait a week for it to be sorted. Welp.

If there's one thing I am good at, it's being that socially awkward girl that becomes even more socially awkward when I like a guy. It's my niche, I guess. Like Taylor Swift, I've had a long list of lovers, well, not lovers, more like failed attempts at romance because the potential counterpart just won't accept that we would be awesome together. Yeah, I still live in hope, don't knock me. So I thought that today I would help you with the question that may be in your head - does she like you? She might. She just might. Socially awkward girls are hard to figure out because what may be flirting for another person is just a hideous social faux pas for the other. Impressed with my French there? This girl knows how to throw German, Russian and Portuguese into a convo, so bring on the French!

11 Signs That The Socially Awkward Girl Likes You:

1. She's more awkward around you than usual ~ Now, really think about this - is she normally this awkward? Does she normally fiddle with her hair this much? Has she ever avoided this much eye contact with you before? Is laughing at your piss poor jokes, even though 90% of them weren't funny and 10% weren't even jokes? If the answer to this and more is yes, then well, yes, she likes you.

2. Her friends are more shifty around you ~ Chances are she's got them to snoop around you now, either as a way to find out more about it, see if you like her back or to big her up to you. If her friends are suddenly saying how amazing she is (which in fairness, should be said more because she is!), then congratulations, a human being likes you!

3. She's flirting with you ~ Well, trying to, because unsurprisingly, this is not her forté! It's painful to watch and painful to experience, so whilst some may find this endearing, it's clearly a sign she wants your D, or a mutually emotional connection that will stand the test of time, even long after you're both gone... or something less dramatic.

4. She's everywhere and anywhere ~ At first it just seems coincidental and you know what, it probably is. Until she realises that this is exactly where you will be at this exact time and now every Monday at 12:30, she's by your office door or every Friday at 10:20, she's drinking water from your water cooler. At least you can count on the fact that she'll definitely remember your birthday or anniversaries you would've had if you felt the same way..

5. She made you a mix tape ~ So thoughtful, but no one makes these anymore, this is a sign. Of course, your mix tape could be something like a sandwich, doing your work or something like that - I was just watching Friends, obvs.

6. She's dressing differently ~ Is that a mini skirt? Is that lip gloss? AND mascara?! Maybelline Big Eyes Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara to be exact?! Yes, she needs waterproof mascara because the heartache of falling for you is too much, just too much.

7. She takes extra notice in you ~ Sorry, guys, sometimes girls aren't being entirely selfless when they ask how you are.. Sorry. In her awkward ways, she tries to perk you up when you just want to be on your own, constantly bombarding you with texts to confirm that you are in fact okay. Whilst it's lovely someone cares that much for you and you should be so damn grateful for such a thing, it is a sign she likes you a bit more than that other male friend she has..

8. She keeps staring at you ~ Every girl does this, heck, even human being does this, but the socially awkward ones are always the cutest.

9. She attempts to spend more time with you ~ Considering that she probably finds this level of social interaction hard for her, she's doing it and bravo. You probably noticed this too, so don't cut her off and appreciate that she is trying (I'm assuming you're a nice guy since you Googled this)

10. She and her friends are talking to your friends more ~ Either to get more details on you or as a way to get in their good books so they'd be more willing to persuade you into a potential date [NB. It doesn't always work, especially if their friend is a sociopath and they probably will just tell the guy in question]

11. She isn't acting how you normally see her ~ If you're friends, you should be able to see that she is a lot more shy around you and that may be because she likes you (could be other reasons, but I don't the woman, do I!) If you don't know her and she's suddenly appearing more in your day-to-day activities, yeah, she has a crush on you!

That's all from my experiences, as well as some friends - we are incredibly awkward. If you like her, for goodness sake, tell her - even if you're not sure she likes you back, do it, DO IT! I know I'm a fine one to talk, but if I could do it properly for once, then that would be great. If you don't like her in the same way, please be a considerate human being and show her some respect. She likes you - that is a wonderful feeling - someone likes YOU. Turn her down with respect and consider her feelings. In other words, and this is a big swipe, don't write her a note that a friend sneaks in her bag and don't humiliate her, or do anything that will make this more painful than what it should be!

Toodles :)