Friday, 30 January 2015

Saucy Friday: Love At First Sight?

Hey, Schenckens!
I am in bed this morning as I write this because I realised that I'm in bed most of the time anyway, so let's just work from here. I think it's been a success so far, I mean, I'm not sleeping, but I am sure damn comfy right now. Ah, bliss. Okay, I got distracted by BuzzFeed, so maybe this is not been an entire success.

It's nearly February if you weren't aware of how quickly the first month of 2015 has flown past. So for all those skeptical people and loved up folk, next month is apparently the month of love. Yes, Valentine's Day. Eurgh, that's going to be fun - we all know those annoying fucks who will declare their love for their partner on an array of social media, spamming your news feed, whilst normal folk are embracing the ridiculously cheap chocolate. What, just me? Hey, do what you want, just don't fuck the Portuguese guy. And buy chocolate, that stuff is amazing.

Therefore this has sparked the good ol' debate in my mind - Is love at first sight a real thing? Well, when I say debate in my mind, I mean, I only decided: NO! I'm sorry to come across as a cold hearted sadist, but how can you look at someone and fall in love with them instantly, without the aid of some Disney potion? You can't. You know zero about them. Sure, there has been instances when you've known someone for a while and suddenly you look at them differently, but that's because of an array of other factors; like you get to know them more or they become more attractive.

Yes, that sounds so freakin' shallow, but human beings are like that. When someone becomes more attractive in our eyes, we start developing new types of feelings for them. That's pretty much what you're feeling when you apparently fall in love with someone at first sight. You find them attractive and instantly want to find out more about them because they are so gosh damn enchanting to you that you want more. Then you find out more and form a connection that will most likely turn into love. I sound so emotionally dead, but I'm just not one of those people who is naive enough to think like that. If I did, then I've been in love probably hundreds of times. Nah, I haven't. Folks, love at first sight is a romantic concept that some hyperbolic fool created because that made sense.

Now. if you're thinking of throwing a spanner in the works with non romantic loves, then go ahead. My argument is that those who say that when they saw the baby for the first time that they fell in love with them instantly already formed a strong ass connection. That seems logical. Entirely different to my main point though. But there we go. Love is chocolate, so give me chocolate.

Toodles :)

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