Friday, 16 January 2015

Saucy Friday: How To Achieve Sexiness

Hello, my sexy little Schneckens!
The temptation to call you my sexy little swine was so strong that I had to bite a biscuit just to avoid writing it. Yes, I have biscuits... And chocolate milk. Believe it or not I am an adult. Well, kinda. Are we ever really adults?

First things first, let's do some Mama stuff. My Son (Ruby F) along with partner Adam Hough and a friend - who all study at Bedfordshire University, Luton, have a radio show. So if you wanna get down with the kids, or my kid if you're cool enough, it's called 'The No Nickelback Guarantee' on 97.1fm every Wednesday 6-8pm. Check it out here. Bring biscuits because I don't think they provide those. *Ruby, provide biscuits*

So let's get down to business. Sexiness. Or more specially, how to achieve sexiness. Sexiness in its beautiful definition is: "Arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire of interest." ( For me, sexiness isn't entirely about appearance, so for those who are like me and can't pull of the sexy lingerie or whatnot, rest assured, you can still do this! Sexiness can be achieved in many ways, so sit back, with a packet of biscuits and let's find out, shall we?!

How To Achieve Sexiness:

1. Intellectual Conversations ~ Now, you may think flirting is the way to make your romantic interest or sexual counterpart swoon, but it's not the sole thing. The ability to have a conversation with someone that has depth is so damn sexy that is makes the world shake, especially if your conversation is about earthquakes. Anyone? I'm not solely talking about the academics though (although there was a time when the "sex god" used physics as a form of dirty talk and surprisingly, it aroused me greatly. Weird) Just having a conversation that has passion, depth and meaning, rather than damn right filth can really crank up the sexiness and make you shine. Shine I say!

2. Charm ~ Don't be a seedy perv in other words..Yes, ladies, you too can be seedy pervs. Charm is the Shard of sexiness because when a person is charming, it can make your body quiver with delight. I for one love it! I love it when a guy is genuinely charming because it fascination to be around and it makes me feel a lot more comfortable around a person. It's such an attractive quality to posses and when you're able to make a group of people watch and listen to you in awe, you've done well, you charming soul!

3. Humour ~ There's a reason why they say 'laugh them into bed' or why I find the Funny Man so damn irresistible. Seriously, here's a video of him dancing if you want sexiness. Humour makes a person sexy because it creates a lighthearted approach to them, which makes you a lot more comfortable to be around. Plus, humour tends to make folk happy, so if you're making someone happy, then that's a sexy trait. No one likes being sad. Or maybe I just really like the Funny Man.. Now HE is sexy!

4. A Lil' Bit of Mystery ~ Now I'm not just saying this because I miss Mystery Bus Guy (Haven't seen him due to my busy schedule) but a little bit of mystery can really heighten one's sexiness. There's a reason folk go for those dark, mysterious folk and it's because it's exciting, which makes them seem sexier. Even cuties like MBG became briefly sexy as I pondered what he was like before we befriended each other. However, don't do a "sex god" and be so closed that it's like trying to get blood out of a stone; that's not sexy, it's annoying!

5. Dress Appropriately ~ Wear the clothes that flatter you, not things that will make you standout for all the wrong reasons. Women make a habit of showing flesh - remember: it's either breast or legs that you can show off. Too much on show gives too much away and there's no excitement and you'll be cold, dammit! Wear something that highlights your best asset/s - mine is my butt, so pencil skirts are the greatest things ever! Men, same applies to you - don't dress like someone you won't be in the long run. Assets people. Like bring out those eyes. Also, purple sweaters have odd effects...

6. Smile! ~ Seriously, a smile can instantly make you look sexy. Then again, don't go doing a big ol' cheesy grin like you just got a pair of roller-skates because that's too much. Too much. Subtly people. Perfect that little half grin. You know the one. That smile that looks like they know what you're thinking and it's probably on the lines that you want to take them right there, right now. In the rain. Rip off the sweater. Yes, that smile.

7. A Whole Lotta Passion ~ Don't just leave the passion for the bedroom; you gotta get that thing soaring from the offset. Now passion doesn't necessarily equal sexual chemistry that when the romantic interest touches you (like your neck) it instantly sends you into overdrive. That is awesome. But I also mean show passion in your conversations - talk about things you like, interests, hobbies. I used to find the my ex (American Guy) incredibly sexy when he used to talk about his music because I could tell he loved it. Likewise, with the "sex god" when he spoke about physics, I wanted him to - okay, I can't think of any physics innuendos. You get the point though.

8. Confidence ~ Not arrogance or cockiness. So don't use PPVA unless you can live up to it and don't say you're going to 'ram' someone if you're clearly still a virgin. That's not sexy, it's sad, pathetic and creepy. Creepy, I say! No, instead, a little bit of confidence can take you a long way and crank up the sexiness because there is nothing more sexy than a person who is in control and knows what they are doing..

I think that was 'How To' guide I ever done. Shit. I'm getting old! Take it or leave it, just eat the biscuits before they go stale!

Toodles :)

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