Saturday, 31 January 2015

Recording Walthamstow?

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Sit down and have a nice hot drink because it's a tad chilly out today. I'm even a bit chilly and everyone knows I rarely feel the cold.

Remember back in the summer when I was part of the Pound a Portrait project; in which photographer Paula Smith and filmmaker Guy King would take a portrait for £1 and record it happening in order to understand the meaning behind a portrait and to understand the people of Walthamstow as a community? Well today they showed the film in Walthamstow's Empire Cinema (my first visit I may add!) and I couldn't help but feel greatly disappointed with the final product.

Walthamstow has been described as an up and coming area, with much emphasis on the younger generation. Well in this short film, that seems to be ignored. The production included little mention of young people, including myself, where my discussion on mental health was cut. Obviously I am sad about that because it was a brilliant platform to discuss such a closed subject for a wider audience, yet for whatever reason, most likely creative, it never made it into the final piece. The film consisted of a certain age group and for me watching it felt like it was suggesting that stories from the younger generation are not as important as the older generation. That upset me tremendously because I know people my age who are doing remarkable things with their life and was not shown. For instance, Zoe Power's year in India to teach, which at the time of filming was nearly coming into place. Cut. Henry Albert and his music aspirations, again reinforcing Walthamstow as up and coming. Cut. I'm sure that there are other examples I have failed to mention that were cut in favour of the older (30+) generation.

As a Drama student I am aware that not everything can make it into the final production, especially with large chunks of information and a short time frame. However, I also believe in diversity in a production and the lack of people of a younger generation disappointed me because our stories are just as meaningful and important of those of an older generation and deserved to be listened to.

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