Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Othello Was Quite The Fellow

Sup, Schneckens!
Beyoncé apparently cooks her meals naked.. Let's just hope that it's nothing that sizzles out of the pan or that will hurt and that's not #flawless. Yes, I found myself enjoying the song 'Jealous'. I kinda related, even though I don't have anyone to make jealous, but I have shit loads to be jealous about. I could be pretty.. I mean, I'm wearing makeup right now. Sure, I fell asleep and look like a panda, but I'm a sexy panda. Or a cute one, whichever one makes your heart flutter like a lovesick puppy.

So today I went to the Lyric Theatre in Hammersmith and to the surprise of no one, except myself, I managed to get there all by myself. I've been there before with the Drama family, but this time I got there all by myself and from the glittering heights of Avery Hill. Oh I miss the family so much! But yes, I got there and hung out with Timber in Spoons and rather loudly declared that the guy was hot. I'm gonna blame the double vodka and diet coke - yes, drinking at noon! Shocker! I wasn't tipsy though, it had a very little effect on me. Therefore I was able to greet the delightful Pippa sober and she nicely complimented my eyeliner - the second human being to do so!

Anyway, Frantic Assembly's production of Othello was spectacular. When the performance started I was a tad skeptical about it because whilst I like physical theatre to a certain degree, I'm not the biggest lover. But the piece quickly came to life and Mark Ebulue as Othello was absolutely stunning; he captivated his audience and had us in complete awe as he performed with such power and emotion. His relationship with Kirsty Oswald (Desdemona) was superb and we were able to see the strain in their relationship, which was interesting to watch unfold. Ultimately, this was a fine piece of drama that I would highly recommend, especially for those who love Shakespeare!

And that was my day. I also had a fish burger because that's just how I roll!

Toodles :)

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