Monday, 5 January 2015

Music Monday [New Year, Duff Beer]

Happy Monday, Schneckens!
Mondays are never happy though, am I right? Loads of folk are returning to the 9 to 5 today, truly signifying that the holidays are OVER. I still have a week, but I do have to work nonetheless. So yes, fun start to the post, we had chocolate fudge cake last night - as in the real cake. It exploded in the microwave and looked like someone crapped themselves.. Surely that's a sign right? Well even if it was, I ignored it because I continued to indulge in both forms of CFC. Here's what it looked like when it came out the microwave:

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Oh shit.. Not literally, thank heavens!

Yes, you may laugh at me. Anyway, Sibling woke me up with a text singing that Simpsons Duff beer song; remember when Lisa was the lizard queen? Yeah, that episode. So with that all acknowledged, let's Monday, shall we?

Morning Robots
Song I listened to: Fall For You:
It had an eerie, old Western vibe to it and the song was ready to shoot you down with its subtle greatness. Without being over-the-top or overproduced, the song was able to captivate a wonderful sense of intensity that never once became boring or tedious. Wonderful!

Thad Jackson
Song I listened to: Back In Your Face [Teaser]:
The fact that this only a teaser upsets me greatly because it already sounds like an incredible track. The upbeat, lively production instantly engages listeners and gets you bopping along. Certainly got me excited for the whole song!

Mary Desmond
Song I listened to: All Of Me [Cover]:
It's rare to find a good cover of this song - I mean, everyone sings it. This one, however, is stunning. She sings it in a way that caresses your eardrums and she sings it with her own meaning, something that artists forget when covering a song that is already huge. Her cover is gentle, cute and calming; an amazing experience for the listener!

Song I listened to: Martyr:
A bit of metal to liven today's Monday! The guitar riffs were off the scale and carried an electrifying vibe throughout the whole song. This kind of music may not be for everyone, but there is something about this song that is appealing and sure to appeal to a new range of listeners. Brilliant!

Song I listened to: We Ride:
A beautiful voice, full of emotion, swoons over the stunning piano. The lyrics in this song are inspirational and completely enchants listeners; it's impossible not to love this song or feel moved by it. A wonderful experience for everyone listening!

Mary English
Song I listened to: Ignite The Light:
Turn this song onto full blast and hear the magic! The electronic, upbeat, addictive beat pumps throughout as she sings effortlessly over it! January needs a bit of a buzz and this song does it perfectly - I can't believe we've not been dancing to it sooner!

Beautiful Boy
Song I listened to: But You Do:
This was absolutely stunning. The tune, lyrics, voice - everything was so stunning. The whole song allowed me to really think and not a lot of songs do that with their overproduced tracks. This was powerful and really hit home, allowing them to connect with their listener. This band is destined for greatness and I am honoured to have experienced their music today and beyond!

And that's this week's list - the first of the New Year. Hope you all liked it because I did, a lot of talented artists are per usual! I'll see you next week for the next list - you bring the music!

Toodles :)

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