Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Joseph 'Bad Boy' Stalin

How's it hanging, Schneckens?
I'm listening to Haunted by Beyoncé - the 50 Shades version. The book is shit and the movie will also probably be shit, but the soundtrack is sounding brilliant atm. Ellie Goulding's song is just lush. Again, not the store, just general lushness.

Today was fantastic, apart from my crappy dinner that was a sandwich. Speaking of sandwiches, I FOUND THE CHICKEN AND STUFFING ONE AGAIN!! Everywhere I have looked doesn't sell it, expect for in Woolwich, so today's lunch was extra special. It was the first lunch I have had in a few days, so I was overwhelmingly happy. What made it better was that I didn't feel sad today. In fact, I felt wonderful. Normally I sit with my tutorial group, who are lovely people, but sometimes I feel nervous around them. Not bad nerves, I'm just not very good at socialising, so I just sit in silence (not their fault, mine really, stupid social anxiety!) Yet today, I was talking to friend Chantalle, who the new security guard thought was crazy because it looked like she was talking to herself, since I am too small to be seen through the door window. Yes, I am that small. We laughed about that and then we discussed sexy Stalin and how I am a sucker for a bad boy, who of course I dubbed Stalin as.

The lecture was equally as fun because I got to be on my knees. Not in that way, Schneckens and no, it did not include a Portuguese Guy. I was merely being Goods in the play Every Man. It was a weird experience. The lecture was great because it also meant getting to hang out with Beth, who was the only one to give me a Christmas card! So us three all hung out and I got a sexy picture of Stalin. See, told you it was good.

Then it was time to go back to the flat, but there's a bus strike today, so I had to get a DLR back. It's cool, I was with my new friends, where we discussed all things great, from Stalin to the inability to find clothes that fit. We then wondered if we should hug or not, before we went our separate ways. Well, Beth and I went the same way. We got the Uni bus back and talked, which was fun, before we went our separate ways till Thursday. Fun times.

So that was my day and it was awesome.

Toodles :)

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